I'd like to start by saying... it is 10:55 p.m. and Georgetown still sucks.

The annual Big East rivalry game between the Syracuse Orange and the Georgetown Hoyas occurred on Saturday, December 8, 2018, in the iconic Carrier Dome. The Orange came out on top with a second-half comeback win of 72-71 over the Hoyas. It was a fantastic game... If you weren't there, I'm sorry.

Being the big Syracuse fan (and student) that I am, I am going, to be honest with you... Syracuse really didn't do good in the first half. Honestly though... it was bad. The score was Hoyas: 35 Orange: 22 at the end of the half. We had made 1 out of 15 free throws, and with every free throw missed, hope was lost. I was contemplating leaving because we just weren't playing good, and it was almost too frustrating to watch.

But then, I decided to stay because I kept my faith in the Orange. I knew Boeheim would whip them into shape in the locker room, and he must have because, in the end, we prevailed.

The second half. Was. Crazy.

In the first four minutes of the second half, 'Cuse went from 22 points to 36, while Georgetown only went from 35 to 39. The Orange were making a comeback!!!!!!!

Thankfully, this game occurred in the Carrier Dome, so the Loud House did what the Loud House does. It got loud. The whole Dome went crazy once Tyus Battle drained a three at the beginning of the half, and the fans kept the momentum up. I haven't seen the Dome get this crazy since the football game against Clemson in 2017 (and I've been to almost every Dome game since). The fans were jumping, screaming, and pounding on the bleachers.

The basketball team was shooting their arrows after every three. Being there, you can really see how the team feeds off the energy of the Dome. When the fans perform, they perform.

Your browser does not support the video tag. I apologize for being the worst videographer ever... but can't you just feel that Dome energy?

As the lead flipped back and forth between the Hoyas and the Orange, the crowd's hype intensified. With 10 seconds to go, Cuse was down by 1, and Battle sealed the deal with a layup, putting the Orange ahead 72-71. It was such an amazing game to watch. Being stressed out about finals week was honestly nothing compared to the stress from this game!

Was Tyus's layup as cool as Gerry McNamara's game-winning buzzer-beater three-pointers against Georgetown in 2004? Probably not. But, it was still awesome nonetheless.

Being in the dome, in a sea of Orange tee shirts, with everyone screaming about your favorite team, gives you a sense of what it truly feels like to be Orange. Seeing Boeheim rip off his jacket, seeing Otto run around, and singing the Alma Mater at the end made it all the better. If you were at that game, you can see why it is pretty clear why Syracuse has been the #1 most school spirited school for three years in a row now.

'Cuse is such a great place, and Syracuse basketball rocks and this game just goes to prove both these things.

Let's go Orange! One rivalry down, one to go. Can 'Cuse stack against Duke?

Stay tuned.