Syllabus week seems to always have college students thinking the same things.

1. "Please tell me the professor is going to end class early."

20 minutes max. We don't need to stay a full 75 minutes. That goes against the beauty behind syllabus week. It's supposed to be a short class.

2. "I hope no one in my class has already bought the textbook."

If no one has it, we can't do the reading for the next class.

3. "Wait, this class seems like it's going to be really hard. Maybe I should just drop it now."

Every class will seem that way on the first day. The teachers go over EVERY single thing you will do over the whole semester, so of course, it seems overwhelming at first.

4. "I think I'm in the wrong class. Do I get up and leave now or just wait until the end of class?"

It happens to a lot of people, but that doesn't make it any less awkward.

5. "Do I sit in the front row or all the way in the back?"

This is a very important decision. No matter where you sit, though, that becomes your spot for the rest of the semester and no one else can sit there.

6. "I've only been to one class and I already feel behind."

You're probably right. There is always work to be done.

7. "Oh, we're really going to start learning stuff today?"

The professor can teach all they want on the first day, but there's no way I'm paying any attention to it. I thought there was an unofficial law that stated no material would be taught on the first day of class. You can't just break that law.

8. "Is the professor going to keep track of attendance?"

You know you're good when the professor tells you that they are required to take attendance, but they know they are going to "accidentally forget" to take attendance every class.

9. "I hope the teacher gets used to me always being late to class since I can only find available parking spots on another planet."

No matter how early I get to school, there will never be parking available.

10. "Do I really need to buy this textbook?"

Maybe I can just borrow from someone who already bought it. That way, I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on books that I'm never going to use again.

11. "I can't think of one fun fact about myself to share with the rest of the class."

Okay, I guess I can share a useless fact about myself that no one will find interesting and the professor won't even remember my answer.

12. "Will there be pop quizzes?"

I just need to know if I should start to panic now.

13. "I'm never going to look at the syllabus again."

Honestly, it's just too depressing and way too long to ever look at again.

Syllabus week is both a blessing and a curse. It helps make the transition back to school easier, but at the same time, it only marks the beginning of a 16-week-long course.