Dear Swoon, Please Stop Posting Vulgar Articles

When I first realized Odyssey had a page devoted to articles specifically about relationships, I was excited to see and read more. I love reading sappy love stories, others' thoughts on dating or marriage, or other relationship-related articles. However, throughout the past year of following Odyssey's Swoon Facebook page, I have become greatly disappointed.

I thought Swoon was dedicated to sharing articles about relationships, but honestly, it seems to be a page dedicated to sharing articles about sex.

I know that everyone has the freedom of speech. People and organizations have the freedom to write, read, or share these articles. But I thought that Odyssey was a bit better than that. When the main target group of readers is young high school and college students, why do you need to share article after article about how to be better in bed? Why even encourage that?

Since Swoon has shared a few of my own articles (about topics unrelated to sex), my friends and family started to follow Swoon to see my articles there. However, do you think they all want those articles coming up on their feeds constantly? In case you're wondering, they don't want to see a picture of almost-naked people attached to an article about some sexual topic.

People associate Odyssey writers with the Odyssey and Swoon pages online. That means that when Odyssey or Swoon shares an article, they are speaking on behalf of the whole community of writers and saying, "Hey, look at this great article!" I love that Swoon promotes their writers by sharing their work. However, when Swoon promotes more articles about sex than anything else and shares the same sex-related articles over and over, this starts to become associated with ALL Odyssey writers, whether they stand for that type of behavior or not. Furthermore, if the best articles are being shared, why are many of the "best" articles about sex? Is that all that Odyssey writers really talk about? I highly doubt it.

Swoon also shares articles not even written by Odyssey writers. Instead, they share articles from sites like babe,net, a website that offers articles on currents trends, looks, and news. However, this is not any typical news site. They feature profanity all over the website.

They have a web tab dedicated to "lust." Even their slogan drops the F-word in it.

I know not everyone has the same morals or values as me. However, I've always learned that lust is a sin. I've learned not to swear. I've learned that sex was created for marriage.

I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I don't expect Odyssey's Swoon page to agree with me. But I wish Swoon would at least respect others' viewpoints enough to maybe think a little bit more before sharing a bunch of articles about sex.

Swoon, you have the freedom to post whatever you want. But what do your readers actually want to see? Do they want to see a bunch of articles about sex? Or do they want to see a bunch of sweet love stories? I guess it's up to you.

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