Life sometimes gets you down and there's nothing that you can do about it. It isn't going to be all sweet all the time, it actually may be more sour than sweet because of the events that end up panning out. As a young adult, you have a lot of events that happen in your life that you have to navigate. The thing about life sometimes is that you can't always have it your way all the time. Sometimes you have to do what others want you to do when it comes to getting tasks done whether that is spending money or spending time with those in your circle overwriting more in your book.

But does that mean that everything in your life is going be all sour because of certain things? The answer would be no, there are going to be certain moments that are going to be sweeter that we may not know about because we are too worried about focusing on the sour or more so the negative moments. But when we truly take a look around we should not be seeing negative things or more so seeing negative people. There should be positivity being thrown around like confetti and others around you should take note of that so that they can also be apart of your sweet moments.

So always remember that it's important to always know that life will be ok even in the moments that are sucky and not as nice as they seem to be. I think that having the most positive thoughts in your brain as you are coming into your own is going to help you better yourself in the long run, even though it may be difficult. Definitely, keep plugging along even when you are not feeling your best in your moments of struggle & negativity whether its on social media or in real life.