I recently read a verse that stuck out to me: Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on your own understanding."

I think one of the most difficult things to swallow in a world where anything is possible is acceptance. Accepting that we are only capable of so much. We can only do what we have been given the ability to. I can't fly a plane because I haven't been taught how to, I haven't learned. This is the idea that I am trying to explain. Unless we are taught to accept things, we will never be able to.

When I speak of acceptance, I don't mean accepting that you can't do something, so you never try to do it. I mean that we have to accept that we can only change so much. We have to accept that we can't change the future because it has already been decided for us. Each of us have a plan that has been designed specifically for us so that we are successful in our life and fulfill the purpose of our life. Many times have I fallen to my knees begging for God to tell me my future, even though I knew that he wouldn't.

There isn't anything in our life that we can predict. When we wake up in the morning, we make to-do lists of all the things we want to get done that day, but somehow there is always something that we can't or don't get done. I believe that everything we do gets done at a certain time for a reason. Every action that I perform and every word I say has a meaning that I may never know. An important thing to remember is that you should live each day like it is your last. You don't know what lies in your future, something great may be coming.

It can be terrifying to go forwards and not know what's coming next, but that is one of the greatest things about God's plan. I have to trust Him each day that he knows what he's doing and that I am doing everything that he would want me to. I find it difficult to accept each day that I don't know what that day might hold. I have a new mantra "Live each day like you're floating down a river. Who knows if you'll see some fish or some rocks or what." It's one thing to tell other people to completely accept that God knows what he's doing and that you couldn't do it any better. It's another thing to believe it yourself.

I know that I doubt the Lord sometimes when I don't like the way that something has been done or when I think that I could have done it better. When I do doubt, I have to remember that my own understanding compared to His is so small and so pointless. He knows everything and he knows how it is all going to turn out. It's crazy to think that he has already seen who we marry, if we have children, what job we'll have. It's crazy that he has already seen our whole life and we've only seen such a small piece of it.

A song that has been helping me with acceptance and trust is "I Am Found" - Brad and Rebekah. It speaks about how there is only one person truly in charge of us and our lives and the decisions we make. It speaks about how His presence is always there and is always surrounding us. He never leaves our sides even when we think that He has. It's so easy to forget that he's there when something bad happens or we don't get something that we really wanted. There is a reason that it happened.

To go through life without the knowledge that our future has already been written and that we just have to live it all out, would be impossible for me. I have to accept that I can only do what I have given the ability to. My life has already been figured out for me. All of the bad days and good days have reason and purpose. As you go through life with its struggles, remember that as soon as you accept that you have to go through it to get to the other side, the easier it will all seem and become.