How I Survived My First Con

How I Survived My First Con

Getting the most out of your geek filled weekend.

Recently my roommate and I attended NekoCon 20. It was my first time going and her second, and it was also my first time attending any kind of geek-oriented convention. Between her prior experience and my need to have some kind of structure in my life, we were able to plan enough to make the most of the weekend without feeling like we were constraining ourselves.

Below are things that you can do if you’re going to be breaking into the world of cons too.

1. Hydrate

Luckily for us, the convention center was big and able to accommodate a large number of people comfortably and we weren’t in huge stifling costumes so we were able to stay cool, but I did hear that one or two people passed out. You should always try to stay hydrated, especially when you’re going to be walking around all day in a crowd of people. Bring a reusable water bottle with you if you can otherwise take advantage of any water coolers or fountains. Trust me passing out is not fun.

2. Bring Food

Since we were staying for the weekend and didn’t want to eat out every night, we packed a cooler the night before and brought food with us. Most hotels will allow you to bring a cooler in with you however it never hurts to double check either by going online or calling ahead. Don’t just bring junk food either, I know that seem like a no brainer but it’s worth repeating. This is also helpful if your hotel doesn’t offer free breakfast, which you will want to eat before going off to do con stuff.

3. Budget Yourself

There’s a lot of really cool stuff at cons. There’s also a lot of really expensive stuff. Best thing to do is set a limit for how much you’re going to spend. This was easier for me to do since NekoCon wasn’t focused on my major interests. If you know there’s going to be a number of things that you might want, spend one day walking around the hall without money or a card. Get an idea of what you want to get and how much it’s going to cost. From there you can figure out what you want to buy and what you bear to pass on and go back the next day with a plan. If the con is only one day or you’re only going to be there one day, figure out ahead of time how much you can spend and only go in with that much cash.

4. Plan Your Schedule

The con website should have a schedule of events for you to look at. In general I think you should try to attend as many as you can since you’re paying to be there so why not. If you’ve planned out ahead of time which ones you want to go to then you won’t find yourself staring at the schedule every hour or so trying to figure out where to go next. Also, if you want to go to an event you think will have a long line then you can try to get there sooner so you don’t have a longer wait or risk the hall filling up and missing out. You don’t have to plan out your entire day, maybe pick three events that you definitely want to go to and wing it from there, just do whatever works best for you.

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes

You will probably be walking around a lot. If you’re planning to wear a costume, either pick shoes that you can wear for hours or prepare to suffer. If you decide you absolutely have to wear uncomfortable shoes that complete the outfit, bring a second pair. Get some pictures, show off the whole look, then take care of your feet.

Cover Image Credit: Zavia Willis

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14 Ways To Have Fun In College Without Partying

You can still have fun on the weekends without drinking a beer.

Personally, I do not like parties. It just takes so much work to get ready to go to some place where I know maybe two people who are only there to get drunk. I'm also not one for drinking because I hate the taste of alcohol, so going out to get drunk just isn't fun for me. So, for all of you lovely people who are with me in their dislike of parties, here are 12 ways to have fun on a Friday night without partying:

1. Go see a movie at the theater.

Who doesn't want to see the latest chick flick, rom-com or action movie?

2. Write something.

Writing for personal purposes, regardless of how bad you believe you are, can be freeing and fun.

3. Go bowling or ice skating or rollerblading.

Not every town has a place to do all of those things, but if yours does, bring some friends and have a good time.

4. Cook something new.

Have you ever had spaghetti tacos? No? Make some! Cooking is great, especially with friends. And remember: even if you are a bad cook, the biggest mess-ups turn into the greatest stories.

5. Binge watch Netflix.

Many people probably already do this during the week, but hey, there are always more shows to watch.

6. Go to Walmart.

Going to Walmart even without money can be great with a group of friends. Walk around, joke about some ridiculous appliance or decoration you find, sniff all of the candles. Have fun with it!

7. Try ideas on Pinterest.

Ever made a crayon painting? Or saw a certain makeup look you wanted to imitate? Now's your chance!

8. Read a book for fun.

So many people stop reading after high school due to a lack of time or loss of interest. Pick up a book that seems interesting and read like crazy.

9. Go camping.

Camping is not enjoyable to everyone, but going for even one night can be relaxing and interesting with some friends. Besides, who doesn't enjoy s'mores?

10. Play video games.

Surprisingly enough, I have met a couple of people who have Play Stations, Wiis, and other various gaming systems in their dorm. Some people are even willing to share.

11. Go to the mall.

Again, money is optional. My friends and I will sometimes go to one of the clothing stores and attempt to find the most hideous things for the other person to try on.

12. Go out to eat.

Go with some friends. Why not?

13. Go play Laser Tag.

Seriously, this is definitely one of the best options here. If you are one of the lucky ones who lives near a laser tag place, bring some friends and go crazy!

14. My personal favorite: Watch a movie using a projector.

My friends and I used to do this more often. All you need is a projector, a large white-ish surface (maybe a wall or a white sheet), a movie, and some friends. Snacks are definitely encouraged.

Whether you are into partying or not, most of these suggestions are great in general and can create lasting memories. Pretty much every activity listed is better, if not best, with friends. Everyone deserves to have fun on the weekends!

Cover Image Credit: Videoblocks

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