I Survived A Car Crash

Last month, I was in a car crash the day I passed my road test. It all happened so fast. One moment, I was driving safely and proudly on the road. In the next moment, we were hit. It is all too easy to take our lives for granted. For we have woken up to see another day. In that moment, when everything was crashing, I did not know if I would have another. From one moment to the next, our moments could have been gone, just like that.

I am blessed that we all made it out alive, albeit sustaining injuries. I am still in recovery to this day. It's been a little over a month, yet not a day goes by that I am not haunted by that impact, smashing around in that vehicle like a bunch of pinatas. Always wear your seat belt because that is what saved my life. Always see a doctor right after. You may feel fine, but I promise you, your body is pumped up with more adrenaline than a bull at a rodeo. All you can do is react and wonder, "What just happened?" I still ask myself that question as the scene of the crash plays over and over in my head, like a movie on repeat. Every night before I lay my head down, the flashbacks decide to go 1080p Blu-Ray status and I am literally taken back to the driver's seat all over again, feeling the swish and swirl, hearing that horn sing, as I try to remember what happened down to the very last detail. I remember that my glasses flew off my face all the way to the back seat and it took me for what felt like ten minutes to find it. As soon as I could see, I was happy we were all alive.

Whether you're a war veteran, a victim of violence, a desperate child in Syria, a cancer patient in remission, or even just an average person, we are all survivors! We have all faced tragedy, one way or another, alone or together. My injuries remind me that the crash was real. As cliche as it sounds, we should always treasure every moment we have because from one moment to the next, you never know if you will have another one. Our injuries and our scars do not define us. They shape us into a more valued individual because, with every mark, with every flashback, with every bruised and broken bone, with every tear shed and whimper cried, with every word heard and feeling left unspoken, our pain will not be in vain. All our scars not only remind us that the past was real, it allows us to move forward, truly treasuring every moment like it is our last. For our last moment is yet to come, live in celebration that you have this one to celebrate here and now, scars and all.

Live every moment to the fullest, because it is not just about surviving but thriving. You never really know if this moment might be your last. Stay Safe!

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