American Consumerism Is Ruining Our Planet
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American Consumerism Is Ruining Our Planet

American Consumerism Is Ruining Our Planet

“We're the prophetic generation of bottled water causing poor populations to die.”

This System of a Down lyric seems extreme and pessimistic, but it is a realist view of our world’s current state. Our American materialistic life styles affect people in third world countries even if we think donating a dollar a day is helping them.

Water bottles are a metaphor for our extreme usage of unnecessary things created just for us. People toss away thousands of plastic bottles a day when they could just use one glass to refill over and over. I have made plastic in my Organic Chemistry class. It is a long process with release of noxious inorganic carbon gases and toxic chemical products. And this was just myself creating one spaghetti long piece of plastic. This truly put into perspective for me how much the synthesis of plastics is ruining the Earth we know by increasing climate change. We as Americans have an obsession with getting new things, a fresh cracked bottle of water is seemingly better than one refilled from the tap. Plastic water bottles is just one of the many examples of how we are wasteful every day. WE need to alter this human condition, this need for new things, in order for a happy and healthy earth.

American consumerism sucks the environment dry and completely ruins it, which is all people in poverty ridden countries have available to them. They do not have buildings; they do not have coverage to keep them safe from this drastically depleting earth WE as American consumers have funded/created. They rely on outside resources such as the ocean and the land for food that our gluttony has altered in ways that they cannot acclimate to as fast as we have screwed it up.

As I hope you all know climate change is so real. If you don’t believe in climate change email me personally because we need to have a little chat. For those of you who don’t really understand it, just think of all of the carbon gas around the earth trapping in the intense energy of the suns rays, almost like a microwave oven. Industry helps create this warming of the Earth. The warming of the Earth causes places in third world countries to have an increase in insect-borne illnesses. The lack of proper sanitation in the heat and the rapid reproduction of mosquitos in these environments spread malaria, ebola, so many different diseases that bread in these hot temperatures. These over populated areas do not have the money to have hospitals like we have in America with sanitary single rooms and shiny new medical equipment. They do not have the ability to keep up.

We are the prophetic generation, we are the generation of apocalyptic dreams that may become a reality. We have the money to end suffering. We have the funds to afford a damn Nalgene water bottle and stop using those Poland Spring plastic bottles that are ruining the Earth.

Sure it's about survival of the fittest, but money was never in Darwin's idea of natural selection.

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