Survival Advice From A BMC Junior

Survival Advice From A BMC Junior

A simpleton's simple tips

Every sophomore, junior, and senior at Blue Mountain College realizes what every freshman will soon learn: college is probably the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Having the resolution to pursue your academic goals to the bitter end is more difficult than any challenge you’ve faced—unless you’ve served in the military, raised a family, served in ministry, or worked a consistent career. So what advice can a BMC junior, with moderate experience, offer to help?

First off, let me establish a pedigree. This is not to blow my own horn, but to prove a point: last semester, I worked 20 hours a week at a job 30 minutes away while also adding in 5 work study hours. I served on the Baptist Student Union and taught a men’s discipleship group, in addition to attending my church and serving in the role God has given me there. I had a social life while taking the three hardest classes I will have as a Biblical studies major.

I don’t want to brag or boast, but I had a great GPA—greater than dozens of people who would not commit to certain things because they “did not have time”. I’m not trying to make myself look good: I want you to know what YOU can do this year.

I am still learning, but here are the three things that I feel like have helped me for two academic years, and I feel like they can help you.

1. Find joy in what you’re doing.

Not “do what you enjoy”. Trying to live your life under that limitation is boring and unhelpful. The truth is, you can find joy in academia. Understand what it is you’re trying to accomplish. On the global scale, you’re privileged. You get to pursue a degree, you get to experience the challenge of learning what you don’t know in order to succeed, sitting through long classes knowing that if the road were easy everyone would drive it, and powering through work by overcoming your own inhibitions. This is not just a battle, it’s an adventure! Do what has to be done, but for your own sake, learn to enjoy it.

2. Manage your time and prioritize the reason you’re attending college.

I failed to mention above that in what was my most successful semester, I never logged onto Netflix or use a video game system. Not that there’s anything wrong with either. Most of us need the relief, but don’t let reliefs become escapes from what’s right in front of you, needing to be done. You can be free to have fun and do enjoyable, “college experience things” because you used a spare hour Wednesday afternoon to complete a project that was due Friday. Hit everything as early as you can, and make sure you’ve budgeted time to complete what you know you have coming up. Simple, right?

3. Be a Christian.

No, not because Jesus will magically grant a perfect semester. No, not because He will make the hard times somehow “not hard.” They will still be objectively difficult. No, be a Christian because Christ is Lord. Be a Christian because He deserves your love and allegiance no matter how you may feel about Him. Be a Christian because God paid an immeasurable cost to save you from His own just anger against your sin. Once you find yourself in realization of those realities, you can get through the semester, and the school year, and life. Because you have a foundation on which to place your life that is much larger than your GPA. Know Him, love Him.

This is one of the most exciting beginnings you'll ever have. Make the most of it

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5 Perks Of Going On A Staycation For Spring Break Instead Of A Beach

Honestly, staying in town or going home, isn’t the worst way to spend your spring break..

It seems like as college kids, everyone wants to do these extravagant spring break plans. Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to work out like that especially when you have a job, a pet, and other responsibilities. But honestly, staying in town or going home, isn’t the worst way to spend your spring break and here’s why...

1. You aren’t blowing unnecessary money.

All these people at the beach are just blowing their money on eating out, late nights out at the bar, taxis, giving the person driving gas money, and other things. Meanwhile here I am just living life basically saving my money because I don’t have things to spend it on being one of the only people left in town.

2. There is never a long wait for restaurants or at the check out line in Walmart.

We know we have all been waiting at a restaurant when we are absolutely starving. There is nothing worse than being hangry and still having to wait 30 minutes to even sit down, then still having to wait to order, and then get your food.

The good thing about the majority of the people gone, you don’t have to worry about those waits. And we know we have all been to Walmart, with only 3 cashiers working the checkout lines and too many people at the self-check that we contemplate just leaving our buggy and coming back another day in hopes there won’t be as much of a wait – don’t have to worry about that either with people going on their spring break trips!

3.You didn’t get that “spring break bod” in time

Everyone loves to post about getting “in shape” and working on their “spring break bod.” Well, the good news is if you didn’t exactly get it in time this year, you don’t have to worry about it and can always trying again next year or be extra ready for those summer days by the pool.

4. Peace and quiet

We all know that living in a college town can get rowdy at times, especially on the weekends. It is not always ideal to hear someone blasting their music around 3 AM when you have an 8 AM the next day. During spring break, with the majority of people gone you get to rest and relax and just take in the quiet and relax without getting a concert at the wee hours of the morning.

5. Catching up on sleep that is much much needed

We all struggle with getting enough sleep during a school week. Most of us have a lot of other stuff going on than just going to class so we try to balance out our lives as much as we can. I know for me; I definitely regret not taking naps when I had the time. So now is the perfect time to get that much-needed rest and catch up on my sleep while I’m not busy cramming for a test or doing homework all day added to my school and work schedule.

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Make Your Friends In College By Going In With A Positive Attitude

Go in with your head high ready to put yourself out there and try new things.
Ali S
Ali S

The idea of leaving your hometown and starting all over seems terrifying for most people. There are multiple types of people when it comes to going to college. There is the kind of people that say they are super ready to leave. There are the people who are iffy but still feel like they are ready to leave. Lastly, there are the people who are going but are not ready at all.

I was one of the people who were ready to leave but the idea of starting all over scared me. I was scared because I had so many close friends at home and I enjoyed being home with my family and dogs. As the time approached and I spent a lot of my last few days of summer saying goodbye to my friends who were leaving. Then it really started to hit me, this was the start of our new life.

Everyone is leaving and this was the beginning of the rest of our lives. I had never been away from home for that long so this idea of living somewhere new was scary to me.

The morning before I left I got really nervous about the move in and meeting new people. As we were driving there the car ride was really quiet. There wasn't much talking. I wonder to this day what my parents and sister were thinking as I took this next step in my life.

I am the oldest in my family so I was the first to go away so that is always harder. I think my mom was worried about me about the way I would deal with all my school work. I think my dad was worried about me being on my own. I think my sister was sad to be the only child home alone.

We arrived at the campus and there were so many cars and families. I saw my roommate and felt a little bit of relief. I know that every other kid there has the same amount of nerves as the next one. As we pulled in to park and start unloading the car and it`s becoming more and more real. After we are done we part ways.

The next part was the bonding with my floor and making friends. This was not easy because we are a bunch of kids from all parts of the world and put on the same floor. I was terrified. My roommate and I thought we were never going to make friends. But then one night I started talking to this girl and we became closer and another girl and then the guys on my floor. Before I knew it I was close with everyone on my floor.

The first girl I started to become friends with is, in fact, my roommate for next year. In the end, the advice I can give about starting college is to go into with a positive attitude. Go in with your head high ready to put yourself out there and try new things.

College is a turning point in peoples life, it may not be for everyone but everyone has to make sure they gave it a shot.

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Ali S
Ali S

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