Surf, the sport of the kings, or if we attend to what Noel Gallagher thinks, the sport of idiots!

Maybe you're a king or an idiot ... or both and you're wondering if this post is for you, or maybe you do not feel identified with either of the two descriptions. What follows is a mini guide for beginner surfers, with a brief introduction to the family of board sports, such as skateboarding, snowboarding, golfboarding, etc. Obviously, this mini-guide does not contain "everything you need to know" about surfing, but maybe, it does contain about 40% of what you need to know along with a selection of non-essential information.


The history of surfing has not too humble beginnings in Polynesia where it was closely linked to the social class and only the nobility had exclusive rights over the best surfboards and the best waves. With the discovery of Polynesia in the 18th century, surfing was banned, along with various traditions, because it was considered immoral. In the first half of the 20th century, it had a resurgence thanks to the Olympic champion swimmer Duke Kahanamoku and, in the second half of the century, continued to rise thanks to the counter-culture. Nowadays surf water is good for health and more since the entrance of the internet era in which the information on how and when to go surfing is available to all and free of charge.


What you will undoubtedly need is a surfboard and, preferably, one of the form and size suitable for your particular needs, which will depend on a number of factors. The boards have keels, usually three, and are attached to the board at the bottom to provide stability and traction. Another basic element is the invention, a strap that is tied to the ankle and attached to the board and prevents when we fall the table goes off.

And, unless you're a committed nudist and have an unusual resistance to friction, you're also going to need some kind of swimsuit, ideally, one for surfers to avoid chafing/slipping. However, the reality for Galician surfers or surfers in Galicia is the need also a neoprene suit that isolates you and allows you to perform the movements that a surfer makes on the board, often the suit extends from the head to the feet. Also in these latitudes sometimes it is also convenient to wear boots, gloves and neoprene hood.


The waves are generated by the wind that blows in the high seas and, as a general rule, the more offshore the better the quality of the resulting waves will be generated. In optimal conditions, or "clean", when the waves reach the coast the wind blows back to the sea, this happens for example in offshore directions.

The wavy lines, that is to say, the waves, rise near the shore and, eventually, break. The steeper the slope of the seabed the steeper the wave will be when it breaks. When this happens there is a hollow tube inside which an expert surfer will move like a fish in the water while a mid-level surfer will surf the "open face" of the wave, this surfer will require the wave to break right or left. However, in the beginning, it is best to learn in foams, that is, in waves that are already broken. There are different types of waves, but as a general rule for beginners, waves that break on sand are preferable to those that break on rock for obvious safety reasons. Check out surf water promotion.


If you have never surfed before, it would be unwise not to invest in a surf course with a qualified instructor, under whose direction and vigilant eye you can not only improve much faster, but also have much less chance of drowning. The better you know how to swim the faster you will evolve, however all the hours of swimming in the pool that you have do not replace the experience and respect you have for the sea, where there are added elements such as waves, currents, wind or tide that can Surprise the most expert swimmer in the pool. Do not be ashamed to ask the lifeguards about the potential dangers, which will vary from beach to beach. Being rescued by them later would be even more embarrassing.

The presence of other surfers can also be a danger to you as well as you can pose a danger to other surfers. The most important thing you must learn before going into the water to surf is the surfer code, which we will talk about at length in a specific post. As a summary, do everything possible to always have the table with you unless you are absolutely sure that no one is behind you, also, in the beginning the most common is that you use a foam board without hard outer layer, these tables apart from Being easier to handle can prevent damage. As a rule, do not paddle beyond the peak where the highest level surfers are, since you could be a nuisance and, in addition, could cause an accident.


Surfers are to some extent a kind of homogenous group with a tendency to be selfish bastards: territorial and resentful of the hordes of newcomers. Invest a little time in learning the surfer code and you will see that more than selfish bastards we are majetes!

The biggest surfer of all time is, by far, Kelly Slater, who has won eleven world titles - the first with just 20 years and the most recent with 39 years - and at 44 he still competes with the best surfers in the world . Some consider them the best sportsman of all time, better even than Muhammed Ali, Michael Jordan or Usain Bolt.


Most surfers have never participated in any type of competition and many do not even believe that competitions are attractive to the viewer as they can be difficult to follow and often conditioned by bad conditions. However, they can be addictive once you know what to look for and very exciting when the waves cooperate.

The world championship, organized by the World Surf League, consists of 11 events each year, begins in Australia and ends on the Hawaiian island of Oahu where the most important tournament of all, the Pipeline Masters, is held. The surfer with more points at the end of the season is crowned as world champion. The competitions, which are broadcast live online, follow a format of eliminations in which 36 surfers start competing with each other in series of two or three. The maneuvers are scored over ten by the judges, with the two best scores being added to the overall score.

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On June 22nd I Celebrated My 22nd

*Insert cliche Taylor Swift song "22"*


It's about time I turn 22. I've been told that after your 21st birthday, the years begin to fly past you in a blur. I don't know if I agree, but I can definitely say that I don't feel 22. Sometimes I look around at all the people who are freshmen in college, or juniors in high school, and I begin to reminisce about when I was their age. One thing getting older does do is make you a skeptical, cynical person.

I've thought a lot about my birthday as another day that I get to eat cake because let's face it, I'm not really here for anything else, except maybe a shot. I remember celebrating my birthday when I was younger was much different from what it turned into after I turned 20. Back in the day, I would celebrate my birthday with a pool party. Pizza, chips, cake, and soda. A few balloons and candles and that was it. I'd only invite my closest friends and we'd have so much fun.

I miss that kind of birthday. The kind you pick out an outfit for days prior, the kind you get so excited for and can't sleep, the kind that makes you feel special. It doesn't feel like that anymore. What it feels like now is, "welp, there goes another year." This line is also applicable to New Year's Eve, but we'll cross that bridge six months from now.

My birthday is pretty uneventful. It feels like the spark is gone, the excitement is gone. I wish I could feel happy that I'm turning 22, but I also know that it's just a reality that we all get older and things like birthdays begin to feel strange. You're faced to realize that you're supposed to have gained another year of experience and intelligence in the aspects of life, but it's almost like you feel the same.

It's safe to say that this has been a bit of an existential-crisis-themed birthday, but I'm just a little scared of getting older. I think we all reach a point where you realize you aren't invincible anymore. It's time to see what's in store for the future, what your career goals are, where you plan to move to after graduation, how to eat better, and how to feel like you've reached your full potential. It's a bittersweet moment in my life, but I'm ready to see what's next.

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Top 5 Best Corner Desks 2019

Running out of space and having the thirst of decorating your house are two separate issues merged together in one.


The reason is not based on any particular fact. To many, what really matters, in this case, is about passion and utilization of tiny portions in the house or place.

Top Furnishing Elements of Small Areas:

Here in this article, we have discussed five of the best corner workplace desks which will have a deep influence in the year 2019. What makes them important is dependent on the following aspects:

  • The utility of the space
  • Drawers for keeping important documents
  • Shelves for placing a printer or fax machine
  • The material used in the making of these workstation desks
  • Spot to keep laptop or machine to work on

Keeping all these points in mind, let's start off with the basic know-how of the corner workstation desk. All desks, however, have something in common – miniaturization, dedicated spots for working, and style with design.

Moving on to the best desks in 2019, we have the following items to bring into your notice:

  • 1.Dulles Desk for Office – Freelancers at Home:

This is one of those workstation desks which tend to showcase metal along with manufactured wood. Also, this type of workstation desks consumes less space with more drawers to keep everything safe. It is narrow and not very broad which seems easy to adjust in small areas. The height of this workstation is seventy-six-centimeter, width is one hundred and fifty-one centimeter, and dimension measures one hundred and forty-three centimeter. Last but not least; it must be considered for purchase for three main reasons – the conventional yet modern design and small footprints.

  • 2.Homestead Living – Professional Workstation for Small Areas:

Finishing off this beautiful professional workstation desk is quite comfortable for those who want to utilize more drawers in a compact and small desk. The wood used in this is pure but synthesized. In addition to this, there is one printer shelf along with four separate drawers which makes this small desk worthier. All in all, if you want to buy something that should have more space as in the form of storage and best finishing of the wood, then this the right choice for the professionals.

  • 3.Corner Desks – John Lewis Abacus:

Known for its contemporary style and furniture collection in the corners of the room, these workstation desks are subtler as compared to those which are huge and place in the middle. It won't be wrong to say that this desk has more shelves and is quite cute. However, the oak veneer is used in the making of this desk. In short, corner desks by John Lewis Abacus are famous for the space they provide in one desk – more shelving area, compactness, and long-drawn-out units.

  • 4.Computer Desk – Corner Workstation Desk:

Beginners need something profound and subtle to start off their businesses. Now that business could be anything, a freelancing job, a proper corporate work, or anything in between. Having said so, we need lesser number of shelves and drawers. Therefore, this type of desk would come out as the best example for them – something which is not much to get bothered with. Wood and metal are used in the manufacturing of this type of desk. Also, it is a perfect option for the fact that it has several options for colors and can be used by both, left-handed or right-handed people.

  • 5.Office Writing Table – Covas!

Even though Covas is pretty economical it comes with optimum quality. Wood and metal used in this desk are durable, long-lasting, and a solid selection. Not just this is highly valued in the market but is also known for the decent look. When it comes to size, we can't say it is very small or very big. It indeed it one of those tables which justifies its presence in the room – let it be big or small. Therefore, the best part about this table is that it fits in well in all types of areas – 39 inches is the width and 19.7 inches is the depth. Hence, it is regarded as the best office desk.

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