The election left many feeling scared and alone. There is so much more to be done than to accept the outcome and its repercussions.

There has been a strict divide between those who voted red, blue, and green party. No one can seem to agree on who would be the best president, but Donald Trump was triumphant in his race to the Oval Office.

There were issues with every candidate on the ballot, and it depended on your outlook to decide who you thought was best.

This is not about who should have been elected or telling you that you should have voted differently.

This is a concerned college student and friend fighting for her friends who do not have a say in the matter. When a dear friend is worried because of the color of their skin and their sexual orientation, it puts into perspective how much we need widespread change and support. We cannot change the outcome of the election, but we can change the way we look at our future.

We are together for the next four years, and we can't sit back and let most of this happen before our eyes. Change can still be done, and we have to provide education and support on many topics to everyone.

I think one of the most beautiful parts of all was the outreach that immediately occurred with the news. Sure, it was there before the election started, but it will be there after the election. The people who are here for you before November 8th will be there beyond the dreaded date which made many people feel scared and alone.

Donate and support the following organizations. They, along with you, can make a difference for the world to come. We must work together in the fight for equality.

(The following graphics are not mine, and I found them on a supportive Twitter page. There are more organizations to donate your time and money too, but these are among the few.)

Above all, you are loved. I and many others support you. We will work every day to build a safe space for you. The fight isn't over, and it never will be. There is so much love out there, and we just have to make it apparent.