My best friend, Medjine Jeanty, recently found out that she was accepted to study abroad in Paris for the summer. Being so close to her, I knew how much she wanted this. With the many essays she's written and scholarships she's applied for, her dream became a reality. However, there is one thing that is coming in between her and the city of love: financial issues.

As Medjine says in her summary, the program's cost is $3,000 and that does NOT include food or travel fares. She respectfully asks for help in raising money so that she can not only buy a ticket to go to Paris, but money to eat there as well.

Below, I've linked her gofundme page where she further explains how much this trip would mean to her and her career.

I ask, not as Medjine's best friend, but as someone who also has a dream to travel, that you please aid her in studying abroad.