The Super Bowl. It’s an American Past time whether you like it or not, so get those wings ready and sit on a comfy couch and enjoy the game or those expensive super bowl commercials. This year's Super Bowl is being hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota - a place that hasn’t hosted the Super Bowl since 1992. While we were looking forward to the possibility of a Vikings Super Bowl in Minneapolis, the Vikings did not pull through with their game against the Eagles. As always, the Super Bowl can be a very iconic event of the year, spawning potential controversy and memes that go viral.

Most NFL fans aren’t surprised to see the Patriots in yet another Super Bowl. They have qualified for the most Super Bowls with ten Super Bowls under their belts including five wins. The Eagles have gone to three Super Bowls so far, and the last time they’ve made it to the Super Bowl has been 2005, so it’ll be a really interesting game.

Eagles fans have been known for getting a bit rowdy to say the least, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if there are any incidences at the bowl regarding fan behavior as well as reactions to winning or losing the bowl. The hope is that the fans decide to be courteous to their opponents and show good sportsmanship, but it won’t be likely. There’s even betting odds about the behavior of Eagles fans at the game, like odd that an Eagles fan will run out onto the field, Eagles fan will throw debris onto the field, or even betting odd of how many Eagles fans will be arrested before, during and after the bowl.

Last Super Bowls have brought the infamous halftime show memes and controversies including “Left Shark,” a dancer in Katy Perry’s halftime show that seemed to do his own thing during “California Girls.” The Super Bowl had also brought on the controversial Beyonce performance where she tributes Black Lives Matter, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers in Super Bowl 50. People expected Lady Gaga’s halftime performance to get political considering the climate of a newly inaugurated president, but it seemed the most controversial it had gotten was her song “Born This Way,” which already had LGBT Pride undertones and the show wasn’t much of a surprise.

This year's Super Bowl will have Justin Timberlake as the halftime performer. Timberlake hasn’t performed at the halftime ever since the Janet Jackson nip slip incident in 2004. Some people are saying that Justin Timberlake should invite Janet Jackson to perform with him since some people blame him partially. Janet Jackson isn’t banned from performing at the Super Bowl but she did receive a hefty fine from the FCC. It is unlikely that she will be performing alongside Timberlake, however, we can’t say for sure.

Another influential piece of the Super Bowl is the commercials. Some tend to be inspiring while others might seem wildly inappropriate. The commercials themselves are something that the american consumer looks forward to as companies shell out thousands of dollars to make a commercial. A thirty second spot in the Super Bowl could cost a company five million dollars. This means that there is a lot that goes into the commercial as far as production and creation. They want the ad to be memorable. Sometimes, they are too memorable.

In 2014 there were two ads that had caused a stir. One of them was the Cheerios commercials featuring an interracial family. This ad was a problem from bigoted people who had an issue with a mixed family being accepted as commonplace even though it is something that very common now and not all that weird. However, the ad sparked debate on Twitter about whether or not Cheerios should apologize for the commercial. 2014 also had been the Super Bowl that featured the Cola.

In 2015, Nationwide released a very disturbing commercial about a boy who had died in an accident. Viewers had said that the commercial had been creepy and almost traumatizing and not at all appropriate. 2017 is known for the 84 Lumber commercial that told the story of a mother and daughters journey to the United States. This commercial caused an uproar because of it’s timing after Trump’s inauguration. It’ll be interesting to see what commercials have to offer this year.

From crazy Eagles fans to politically charged halftime shows, who know what antics will come from this years Super Bowl. Everyone crack open a cold one and enjoy this year's Super Bowl that may prove historic!