When someone says the word "superwoman," we think of a character in an action movie. We think of the powerful character that is swinging from building to building around the town, defending the people below.

However, I do believe there are real "superwoman" in our everyday lives. I would like to call my mom, "superwoman."

Why do I give her that name?

I give her that name because, from the moment I came into this world, my mom was the "superwoman" for her children. She was the doctor, nurse, cuddle buddy, fashion designer, hair stylist, make-up artist, chef, friend, and lastly, mother. Her job was many, many different things. Not just ONE thing.

When we were sick, she took care of us.
When we got a cut or bruise, she knew how to make it better.
When we needed someone to hold us, she would hug us tightly in her arms.
When we needed a cute outfit, she would find something for us to wear.
When we wanted to change our hairstyle, she would help make it to how we wanted.
When I wanted a make-over she would teach me how to put make-up on.
When we wanted to eat, she was the chef in the kitchen.
When we needed someone to play outside with us, she was there.
When we needed someone to talk to, she was there.
As you can see, the list keeps going.
Most importantly, my mom was our "superwoman."

Being a kid, I never really realized all that my mom did. Each and every day she did a million different jobs to keep a smile on our faces.

She never complained, even when I asked her to watch my cartwheels for hours at a time.

She always did everything with a smile.

As I grew older, I realized I was beyond lucky. My mom really was superwoman! She always had the best answers – even when I did not want to listen to them.

During my teenage years, I remember being angry about not being allowed to do whatever I want. I remember being mad at my parents for the smallest things now looking back. But what I did realize was that my mom was there for everything I ever needed.

There was not one single day she turned her back.

Not everyone may relate to this specific situation, however, each and every woman or man can find that ONE "superwoman" in their lives. For some, you may be your own "superwoman" and that is perfectly okay. Keep being you!

The "superwoman" instincts are not taught, they are learned. Many different women all around the world try to be the best version of superwoman for their own children. If they do not have any children, they build the best superwoman version of themselves as time goes on.

The importance of being able to care for the world, care for your family, adapt to different situations and everyday jobs is very important.

Thank you to my "superwoman" mom for making me into the woman I am today. I hope I can be as amazing as you when I am a mother one day.