There are two letters that explain why the guys might be on beer duty this weekend instead—JT!

For all the Philadelphia fans that haven't seen the Eagle's in the Super Bowl since 2004, us forever *NSYNC fans have felt your pain. These fourteen years have been way, way, WAY too long since Justin Timberlake appeared in a Super Bowl halftime show.

(Minus the exciting 'wardrobe malfunction')

awkward zooey deschanel GIF by New Girl

But despite Janet Jackson's mishap, we're still pumped as ever to fangirl over JT for being the first EVER to perform three times in a halftime show. And although Timberlake hasn't leaked a lot of info about his performance, we do know that he'll have 13 minutes of stage time.

And it gets better!! He won't be the only pop-star you'll see at Superbowl 52. P!nk will be performing our National Anthem which might make a lot more people stand.

standing GIF

With high hopes, we'll see Chris Stapleton join JT in his new single "Say Something." We can only wish..

So if your boo asks why you've asked so many times when the super bowl starts and how long each quarter lasts... let him know you're extra excited for the commercials this year.