People of the internet, we meet again.

As you know, I've been the EIC (Editor-In-Chief) of Odyssey at SUNY Old Westbury. Maybe you've read some of my work, or maybe you haven't. Odyssey has over 1,200 communities across the nation and 1,400 content creators, so it's pretty easy to miss some amazing content.

Having said that, every week, I will be writing an article which spotlights one of our amazing creators, in hopes to draw more people onto our team. Check out last week's content creator spotlight here.

Going forward, I plan to highlight someone from time to time that I think is creating exceptional content to ensure you're not missing any amazing talent we have on our team!

This week, that person is Molly Bastow.

Molly has asked me to use her first article that she wrote for Odyssey because it's her favorite.

Have you read it? You can check it out here!

Molly has been writing for Odyssey for about three months, and I recently asked her what she has gotten from writing for Odyssey. Here's what she said:

" Because I'm a science major I never get to write, and this gives me the ability to express myself through writing when I wouldn't have been able to otherwise!"

Are you interested in becoming a content creator for Odyssey? It's an opportunity that you won't regret! You can join today at: