A Sunshine Playlist

Flowers, bursting from the tender ground, the smell of fresh air and grass, warm sun on your face accompanied by a gentle breeze, birds singing early in the morning, sundresses with sweaters, open windows, rainstorms in the afternoon… it is only after long, bitter winters that we cherish the beautiful little characteristics of spring.

The desire to be outside, a newfound motivation to participate in the world… with this season we as humans are surrounded by rebirth and flourishment. This collection of songs always help me embrace the beauty of this time of year and pushes me into a positive and reflective headspace.

1. Cage the Elephant, Trouble.

This particularly mainstreamed rock band composes with such passion and emotion. Their record Tell Me I Pretty evoke sentiments of lazy afternoons, small venue concerts, and outward expressions of love. If you're interested, some other great tracks off of this album include: Cold Cold Cold and That's Right.

2. Vance Joy, Fire and the Flood.

Known for his song Riptide, Vance Joy has a very recognizable style. Evoking sentiments of nostalgia and the shore, his music has the ability to place your mind in a beautiful, weightless state. Another beautiful song to check out is called Mess is Mine… definitely worth a listen.

3. Kodaline, After the Fall  

Relying heavily on different strengths of different instruments, this song is tremendously uplifting and wholesome. This Irish rock band omits nostalgia associated with older bands I grew up on… U2, Rusted Root, Indigo Girls… with a slower, more emotional feelings at times. Love Like This is definitely another one to check out… simply gorgeous.

4. George Ezra, Barcelona

Riddled with interesting percussion and gorgeous strings, Ezra's music has a evokes warmth and content. Budapest and Blame It on Me are a few other tracks from this record that never fail to put me in a good mood.

5. Mumford & Sons, Little Lion Man

A characteristically folk rock band, Mumford & Sons composes beautiful narrative and imagery through their music. Listening to their tracks brings back whimsical memories of catching fireflies and spending hours and hours outside once the ground thawed out. The Cave and Sigh No More are also worth a listen.

6. Hozier, Jackie and Wilson

Similar to Mumford & Sons, Hozier is known for his rustic, folk style. His gorgeous vocals paired with traditional instruments preach beauty and the honest ins and outs of life. This entire album is beautiful, definitely check this one out.

7. The Lumineers, Ophelia  

A classic, Ophelia bursts with sunshine and beauty. The tracks historical narrative and slower pace come together in a very wholesome way. Stubborn Love is just as, if not even more gorgeous of a song.

8. James Bay, Scars

The track that made this artist as well known as he is… this one speaks to growth and persistence. What better way to work out of the ruts of winter? Hold Back the River and Need The Sun To Break will also push you into a productive and motivated mindset.

9. Bon Iver, Skinny Love

A song that is covered by many, this original version is the only one that does it true justice. This ballad of Iver's relies on guitar and banjo in a way that shapes the song. You definitely don't want to miss this one.

10. Harry Styles, Sweet Creature

The former heartthrob of a pop star emerged with his own album, creating a whole new sentiment for himself. Speaking to his English roots, this song is the musical embodiment of sweetness. Carolina and Ever Since New York also contributed to his newly emerging style.

11. Corey Harper, Charlotte’s Wine

One of my all-time favorite songs, this is definitely at its best when performed acoustically. Harper's music reflects his beautiful soul, his vocals conversing with his instrumental talent. If you are interested, his cover of Coldplay's Yellow is spectacular.

12. Milky Chance, Stolen Dance

The auditory embodiment of movement, this dynamic track simply begs you to dance. This group does an incredible job at creating a different experience with each of their songs. Flashed Junk Mind is dope, highly recommend.

13. Indigo Girls, Closer to Fine

An older one, holding a lot of childhood memories for me. This one is just a really happy song and represents these insanely talented ladies really well. Galileo is another favorite of mine!!

14. Catfish and the Bottlemen, Hourglass  

Easily one of my favorite bands, Catfish has an alternative English style that is really unique. This entire record is a great one, I would definitely give it a try:)

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