Sunflowers and Honey

You're always on my mind, images of us forever dance in my head as the sun and moon tumble across the sky.

You are art; you are the color in a world painted in black and white.

I never knew such colors existed, never knew there was more until you showed me your vision, boy you make this life worth living.

I wanna undress my own thoughts, but you'd be better at it

Where are you...

I said give me some time, but boy I wish you could understand how my watch has never responded like this….it wants to tick faster, you don't deserve time, you deserve now, you deserve to caress my thighs the way you've so gently caressed my mind.

My circadian rhythm moves to you.

Explore my body as you teach me things I never knew.

I'll be the student if you're willing to teach

I'm willing to listen if you're willing to speak knowledge

I'm waiting, you're willing, I'm waiting, we're waiting.

I am waiting to protect myself from latching on to you in case you latch onto another.

I'm waiting because if I allow you between my bronze thighs I am relinquishing all of my power and allowing you to hurt me in ways, pleasure me in ways, and explore me in ways that will amplify all my emotions.

It's not about my body. It's about my soul.

Understand this and you may drink.

I am not for everyone.

My. Honey. Is. Not. For. Everyone.

Organic not pure,

Touched but not yet tainted,

Studied but not yet explored,

My honey is handcrafted by heavenly bees who have laid me down on my back in a pile of yellow roses.

The sun is setting above my head and endless variations of orange, pink, and lavender fill up the sky.

I am draped in honey from head to toe.

The bees fly down circling me and place a beautiful yellow sun flower on my _ _ _ _ _

"Drink. If. You. Care."

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