Poetry on Odyssey: Sunday By The Bay

Poetry On Odyssey: Sunday By The Bay

All you had to do was stay.


Sunday by the bay

White lace brushed across my face

Words I wish left unsaid

Too many not so happy tears shed

Buttons and flowers

Egos as tall as the highest towers

Curses made and promises broken

Love that was left unspoken

Bands of rose gold

Little hands I no longer get to hold

Smiles stolen that should have been mine

Ripped away with the words "that's fine"

Days passed and memory starts to blur

But knowing what I do I wouldn't go back to the way things were

You ask for money, for help, for everything from me

But when I ask for you just to see

You let me down

And my anger was sound

One day was all I wanted

But now I am forever haunted

Tainted and wasted

Manipulated and isolated

Space requested

And feelings left devastated

Maybe one day we can be friends again

Since me being in your family is just a ball and chain

You can try and delete me from your life

But I will always remember the big brother that gave me a pocket knife

You can hold people hostage, that's out of my control

But trust me when I say it's going to do more damage to her soul

I am still looking for the silver lining

I pray for the sun to start shining

I will forgive but I will not forget

And you will never scare me with your threat

Sunday by the bay

I just wish you would have wanted to stay

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8 Apps To Save The Environment

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In a time where climate change becomes a more pressing issue, we fail to realize that are individual contributions have a huge effect on the bigger picture. These are some apps that you can use to challenge yourself and have fun while saving the planet!

1. Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon track your the amount and length of your daily commutes to notify you of your daily carbon footprint. This app helps people realize their individual impacts on the environment.

2. EcoCharge

This app alerts you when your phone is fully charged so you can take it off the charger. It prevents you from wasting energy on a fully charged phone.

3. GoodGuide

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4. GreenMeter

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Cover Image Credit: SciBlogs

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13 Things You Understand All Too Well If You Have Allergies

Pollen is the silent killer.


Spring has sprung and that means so have allergies. Seasonal allergies are in full swing and that means that so are all the side effects. Here is everything you understand if you have allergies.

1. Your eyes are always itchy

2. Since your eyes are always itchy, that means that they're always red

No, I am not high.

3. You sneeze 40,000 times a day

4. If you don't take your allergy medicine, you might as well stay at home


5. And even if you do take your medicine, it doesn't cut it sometimes

6. When you see pollen everywhere, it is like a death sentence 

7. Rain is a gift from God because it washes the pollen away

8. Everyone is so happy that spring is here, but you are over it

9. You count down the days until everything stops blooming and your allergies will calm down

10. Puffy eyes? All the time

11. And you can forget about breathing through your nose 

because your nose is stuffed for about 3 months

12. Don't forget about the cough that lasts weeks 

13. You have tissues on deck 24/7

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