Once you get into a routine of sitting on the couch watching television after work, it can become hard to break that cycle. But, working out in the summer gives you the chance to get yourself into a more active routine and gives you the chance to experiment with different types of workouts. Here are a few of my favorite, you should give them a try!

1. Treadmill Ladder Workout

I'm the first person to avoid the treadmill, but adding in a ladder workout on the treadmill is a great way to burn calories and build stamina. Sprints on the treadmill is also a lot more fun in my opinion that just running.

Warm-up: 3 minutes at level 4

Jog at level 7 for 1 minute

Walk at level 4 for 1 minute

Sprint at level 8 for 45 seconds

Jog at level 6 for 1 minute

Sprint at level 9 for 30 seconds

Jog at level 5 for 45 seconds

Sprint at level 10 for 30 seconds

Jog at level 5 for 45 seconds

Sprint at level 10 for 30 seconds

Cool - down: 4 minutes from level 5-2

2. Challenging Ab Workout

Abs are a fun body part to workout - there are so many exercises to strengthen your abs. I recommend training them up to three times a week. It's important not to overwork them and using weights and resistance is essential to making them stronger.

Start with a minute plank (to increase difficulty, put a weight on your back)

30 crunches

20 cross crunches on each side

30 reverse crunches

45 second side plank (hold weight with opposite hand to add resistance)

40 Russian twists (hold weight to twist side to side to add resistance)

45 second side plank on other side

50 toe touches

For an added challenge lay down and hold on to something behind you. Raise your legs all the way up to 90 degrees, then move them to your right side down to six inches. Move straight back up to 90 degrees then to the left side to six inches and back to the top at 90 degrees. Finally, move straight down to six inches. Never let your feet touch the floor. This is one rep. Aim to complete a set of eight.

3. At Home Workout

If you don't feel like leaving home or want to multitask and workout during the commercial break, here's a great circuit to burn calories without leaving your living room.

Start with 70 jumping jacks

40 burpees

20 tricep dips off of your couch

30 push - ups

1 minute plank

20 one legged burpees

Hold six inches for 1 minute

20 one legged burpees with the other leg

15 tricep dips

4. My Favorite Circuits and Exercises

If you feel like really challenging yourself, here are some of my favorite workouts.

Set up a circuit with box jumps, squats and burpees.

Start with 8 box jumps

8 squats ( You can start with a lower weight and work your way up, or stick to one weight)

8 burpees using a bosu ball

Repeat and work your way down from 8 sets of each to two. After completing two sets of each, finish with 10 sets of each.

Deadlifts are one of my favorite exercises and are great at working your whole body. When deadlifting, be sure not to strain your back. Start with a light weight to warm up and gradually work your way up. As you add weight, decrease your reps. You can also do straight legged deadlifts to focus more on working your back.