These past few weeks have been anything but normal. The sun has been blazing, the wind has been dormant, and the beach has been calling.

We're still technically in the season of winter, yet here we are, going to the beach. This brings up the question: why?

Well, if you remember, January was a very cold month for us Floridians. In Tampa, it reached below freezing. In Tallahassee, it started to snow. A month later, we're dying (not literally) of heat. The only sensible cause of this is climate change.

Climate change is not to be confused with global warming. Global warming is a more specific term dealing with the heating of the Earth. Climate change refers to the fluctuation of temperature. Do to the fluctuation of weather, many things are happening, such as increase of people being sick.

This explains how we went from one of our coldest winters to our hottest. All within a month.

I'm sure most of you have been loving this weather, especially since you can get your tan on waaaay before spring break. Sure, you're spring break will probably nice, but we have to think of the future, not just the now.

The amount of carbon in the air is what causes climate change. Here in America, we have a huge carbon footprint. That's why there's been a vegan outbreak among my generation. The less meat you eat, the smaller your carbon footprint.

Another great thing to do to help minimize our impact on Earth is to go to the beach, get your tan on, and pick up some trash. It's the little things that will help the most.

Another thing to do is spread the word. I'm sure you didn't think of climate change as the reason why we're having such beautiful weather lately. At least, here in Florida we are.

So go out and do what you can to help. I don't like the heat, so I'm begging you. Make our winters last longer. Help me out. Help the Earth out. Do better. That's all I'm asking. It's not much.