There are obvious signs that summer has finally come and I'm not talking about the red swimsuit ad on Instagram. Some are fashion related, others are drinks from Starbucks. No matter the category, you will know summer when it is officially Summer.

1. White Nails

White nails are a huge sign Summer has begun. Girls everywhere get a fresh gel that resembles that of white-out on their nails and toes. I am no stranger to this sign of Summer... in fact I have it on me right now.

2. Health Kicks

Summer makes everyone feel motivated to get healthy. And I LOVE this sign of Summer! Pinterest starts flooding with recipes, restaurants make new Summer-style salads, and JuiceBars become your best friend.

3. Everyone Loves Country Music

If you have loved ones in your life who hate country, Summer is the time of year to get them to change their mind. Country music is amazing all-year round, but something about listening to it with your windows down or at a BBQ makes it even better. Even those who dislike it accept that this is our season, and it will be playing everywhere.

4. Hammocks

Again, guilty is charged! I love my hammock, and I know it's Summer when I am driving by and see Hammocks on almost every tree I see! Seeing a hammock swinging in my neighborhood is how I know Summer is here.

5. Pink Drink from Starbucks

Ah yes, the Pink Drink. Instagram and Snapchat stories are flooded with Pink Drink during Summer. It is arguably the most obvious way to tell Summer is in session. If you haven't had it and want to try it, it is an iced Strawberry Acai refresher with your choice of milk added. It's pretty and it screams Summertime!

6. High School Musical 2 Comes to Netflix

Sometimes Netflix removes movies for a few months and brings them back later on, and it seems like HSM2 always comes back during the same time every year. If you're uncultured (or over the current age of 25) you should know the sequel to the very popular movie takes place in the summer. When I am scrolling through Netflix and I see that is back- I know summer is in full swing.

7. Bikini Instagrams with Unrelated Captions

Another tell-tale sign of summer is seeing countless bikini instagrams with a super random caption. If your Insta feed is lacking this, it isn't summer yet.

8. Bachelorette Tweets

I am a huge and longtime fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and even Bach in Paradise! But I know Summer has come back when I start to see the #thebachelorette tweets. Nothing speaks summer better than Chris Harrison announcing the final rose to the guys!

If you aren't already on the bandwagon for these trends, try one out this summer!