Summer time is the best time of year for many reasons and the following reason I will be talking about in this article and how you can make the most of your Summer is by seeing family and friends, not being in school, going on vacation and so much more. Summer time to me is my favorite time of year because of not being in school and seeing your friends a lot more along with seeing your family and going to many different parties.

The first reason why Summertime is the best time of year is because you can see your friends, get reunited with them and hang out with them. What you should do during the summer with your friends is have sleepovers, go to the beach, go to the movies, go out to eat, throw a bonfire and just having the Summer to you and your friends.

The second reason why Summertime is the best time of year is because you get to see your family a lot more and you get to have a family party for birthday or holiday or just even to get together with your family and just to have a good time with them during the Summer. My favorite thing to do with my family in the summer has a bonfire and a cookout because it's just relaxing for everyone. Another reason why its the best time to spend with your family is because you get to go away with them on vacation.

The reason why Summer time is a good season is because you get to go in the pool with your friends and you get to throw a pool party and getting to go in the pool with a bunch of our friends. When you went to go to the beach you get a bunch of your friends together and get your beach blanket, sunscreen, tanning oil and a couple of snacks and a few water.

The best part about Summer is the 4th of July, because of all the food firework, going to the beach, all of the panics, and getting to be with the one that you love. I love watching all of the firework going off and all of the different color and shapes there is. Firework on the beach is the best because you get to sit on the sand.

Summer time is a time to spend with your family and friends and just relax after a long school year, a long work day or just having the Summer to yourself or going to party with your family, friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend.

What summer means to me is having a relaxing time with friends, family and with my boyfriend.

The best part summer is not being in school going to class every day, not having homework to work on or do, or waking up and having to get ready for class.

The reason why summer is the best season hand down is because you can wear the tank top, shorts, bikinis, and flip-flop maxi dresses, maxi skirt, and romper all of the fun clothing that I love to wear in the summer. Summer is my favorite season and it is my favorite time of year.