13 Summer Things To Look Forward To Before The Summer Starts

Some people love winter time but I am not one of those people. I can't stand the snow. I don't fancy the freezing temperatures. I hate walking out to my car in the morning to start it 20 minutes before I leave just so it runs like it's supposed to on the way to work.

So here's a list of 13 things I'm looking forward to as the weather begins to warm up.

1. No more seasonal depression... AND I REPEAT, NO MORE SEASONAL DEPRESSION 

Winter puts you in a funk that seems impossible to get out of when you have to wake up and look at dirt colored snow every day for what seems like 10 months.

2. Fishing 

All of your favorite things to do can be done once again!

3. Walking to your car at night and NOT freezing your butt off 

I don't know about you, but I'm thankful for small favors. So thanks, mother nature.

4. Slow pitch softball 

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion... but I am totally excited to catch the ball that the big dude thinks he's going to hit over the fence.

5. Concerts

Luke Combs, Brad Paisley, and any other ticket I can get my hands on... I can't wait.

6. Bonfires

It doesn't get better than hanging out with friends, listening to music, and drinking a cold one next to a bonfire on a clear winter night.

7. T-shirts and jean shorts

T-shirt and jean short season is coming y'all... just wait on it.

8. Going to the lake/beach

... and riding jet skis and tubing.

9. Graduation parties 

This may be another unpopular opinion, but I can't wait to see my friends and family graduate from high school and college in May!

10. Fairs, festivals, and flea markets 

It doesn't get much better than stopping at your local fair so they can hook you up with some awesome fair food.

11. Getting a tan

Seemingly overrated, but it's definitely one of my most favorite things about summer.

12. Sunsets

Not that we don't have sunsets in the winter time, but now you can sit on the tail gate of a truck and watch the sun set.

13. No more layers

Instead of bundling up in layers and stripping them off every time you step in the door, you can just throw on flip flops, a tank top and some shorts.

I know it's tough waiting on the warm weather to come, but this list should motivate you to kick butt during these last few weeks of the cold weather!

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