Summer Style Staples

Summer Style Staples

4 Summer Clothing Items to Compliment Any Outfit

For style gurus and those still searching for their personal definition of style, these four items offer just a few ideas to complete your overall summer look. What’s special about these items is that they can be used in rotation and are always suitable for the warm weather ahead.

1. Blue jean cut off shorts

I think it’s fair to say that blue jeans of any sort is one of, if not, the most prevalent and iconic style staples of our popular culture. Blue jeans are made for and flatter basically everyone. Yet, as summer is approaching and the thought of heat radiating onto our bodies, the thought of wearing jeans is sometimes off-putting. An alternative to wearing your favorite blue jean bottoms without the threat of retaining too much heat from the thick material covering the legs is to instead opt for blue jean shorts. To “one up” the edginess of the look, I prefer to choose cut off blue jeans with frayed edges. The best way to accomplish this look is to cut a pair of jeans and wash them to stress the “destructed denim” appeal. For even more appeal, I recommend folding the ends and leaving some frayed strings to hang, adding slits near the pocket squares. And my favorite tip: add multicolored patch squares that can either be sewn or glued directly onto fabric. Don’t have fabric? Use swatches of fabric cut out of old t-shirts or dresses. Try something different and choose a character image like the Batman symbol. If you decide to go for the DIY route, you’ll discover how much fun it is to experiment with your look and take pride in having created a clothing item specifically tailored to your style.

2. Crops

Crop tops can literally be made out of any old, worn out t-shirt, so the idea of buying a crop from a department store at an unreasonably overpriced mark up is unfathomable-unless. You might feel that there is no way of making a certain crop yourself. What I love most about crop tops is that they can be worn with almost any outfit you may style for the summer. Whether you wear high waist shorts, jeans, even skirts, more than likely you can pair a crop top with it. Now crop tops are not all the same. Some are loose fitting, may hang over the shoulder droopily, while others are form fitting and accentuate the bodice. For this reason, crop tops are versatile and comfortable to wear. My only advice for wearing crops is that you should make sure that you feel comfortable to wear a crop top. Don’t ever feel like you can’t wear a crop top or that you feel too exposed to wear a sometimes widely bare exposing top of this sort. Wear what you like and what feels comfortable to you.

3. Summer dresses

I don’t wear these often, but when I see them other people I admire the wispy carefree appeal of their summer dress. In fact, the idea of throwing on just a singular article of clothing and appearing as if you spent all day preparing to go out to be one of my favorite aspects of style that I associate with summer dresses. Hence, if you’re the kind of person who thrives on ease, and low maintenance outfits, a perfectly designed summer dress to your style and build is designed for you as it does the work of looking “done up” for you.

4. Hats

I for one am a hat fanatic. From bowlers and fedoras to baseball caps and visors, I accessorize them all. If any season calls for the use of a hat, it’s the summertime. Hats serve two purposes.

1.) The style and its ability to compliment the look of an outfit

2.) Its protective use as shade from the harsh rays and heat of the sun.

Many people tend to avoid the addition of hats to their wardrobe as they may feel as though hats do not compliment them well. However, with the wide variety of hats in terms of shape, size, and style, I guarantee that there are hats that will look well on anyone. The key is to experiment: try on as many as you’d like. By venturing out and trying on different types of hats not only do you invite the fun of trying something novel to your style statement but also learn what best fits you.

These ideas stand as mere starting points to developing your sense of style this summer. Use these items as guides to identify what you like and don’t like as well as to learn to take risks by wearing items that you normally would not dare to wear.
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The Pain & Beauty Of Vulnerability

Why being vulnerable is so scary.


Being vulnerable is something that has never come easily to me. Being able to openly discuss what's on my mind has been a constant struggle throughout the many relationships and friendships I have had. "Why are you mad?" was once the most frightening questions someone could have asked me.

Vulnerability is a scary concept that I think about nearly every day in many social interactions.

But why do I feel this overwhelming difficulty of telling people how I truly feel? Is it because of how I was raised? Is it because of a life experience Is it just because I hate confrontation?

If we are being real, it's probably a combination of multiple things, but here I am attempting to let myself and the stories I have been brought to attention.

It's no fault to my parents, but more so to society, that I wasn't comfortable talking about what was going on inside my mind. In a world where women were, and still are, consistently silenced, being speaking my mind never seemed like the smart thing to do.

I used to, and honestly sometimes still do, think it's tacky to put exactly how you are feeling out into the world for everyone to see, read, comment and ask questions about. I used to delete "friends" (those people you add on Facebook but aren't really your friends in real life) off of the social network who opened up too much on their statuses or Tweets because they annoyed me and made me think too much about my own life.

I would rather no one know the personal details of my life. I would rather idealize my life to everyone around me and deal with my issues on my own time. But that's not the way the world functions and being vulnerable is a crucial point to living a less stressful life.

My hopes with my new endeavor of being a writer for Odyssey is that this platform allows me to work on my vulnerabilities and allow people to get to know the real me, and I challenge everyone who reads this article to do the same.

Have a conversation with yourself and those closest around you about something you haven't previously been open about. Journal about it. Write a song. Blog about it. Yell it out your freaking window. Feel the freedom and beauty that comes along with being that vulnerable.

This adventure will squeeze my brain until the vulnerability is oozing out and I'm annoying everyone with my feelings. My life's encounters may not interest everybody, but I feel as though it has value and life lessons within it that could help at least one person, even if that person is just me.

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