Summer Struggles As Described By "Parks And Rec"
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Summer Struggles As Described By "Parks And Rec"

Summer break can either turn you into happy-go-lucky Leslie Knope or cynical Ron Swanson.

Summer Struggles As Described By "Parks And Rec"
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With the days of summer simultaneously dragging on while also flying by alarmingly quick, I've spent a considerable amount of time bingeing shows on Netflix (some for the second or third time). My attempts to ignore that bittersweet feeling of returning to college while leaving behind my dog (and family and friends) has been partially successful.

"Parks and Recreation" has been one of those shows I've returned to this summer, finding humor in Leslie's determined antics and Ron Swanson's obvious lack of care. During these long days of sweltering heat and wilting motivation, Parks and Rec has been more familiar and relatable than ever. Here are 11 times that I felt like I was part of the bureaucratic team for completely non-governmental reasons.

1. When you flag down the ice cream truck that only comes down your street once every three weeks and drives at 65 mph.

2. Your reaction when your friends finally come up with something to do besides sit around all day.

3. That feeling when you get paid from your summer job and want to spend all of your money as soon as possible.

4. You're enjoying a casual day at the beach when you're suddenly bombarded with too many couples who are in love.

5. Or when you realize that one of those nearby couples includes your ex-fling from the previous summer.

(It sure looks like someone got over their commitment issues while you were gone.)

6. The struggle when your parents plan a family camping trip so you obviously have to battle the elements as efficiently as possible.

7. Or trying to navigate conversations with family members you haven't seen in a few months without them finding out you've become a bit of a problem child.

8. When you've given up on all social interaction because everyone is busier than you are and resort to Netflix at all hours of the day.

9. Running into people you haven't seen since the chaos of graduation and hoped to never see again.

10. The actual equivalent of the group chat when you're trying to make plans at any point in the summer.

11. Sneaking out of your house at 2 in the morning for a Wawa run with your best friend (which isn't even as dangerous or sketchy as half of the things you did at school).

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