The key to a happy summer is the vibe. The quickest way to a cool, summery vibe is through the right music. These songs and sounds were collected by top jam scientists that specialize in making you move through those bright summer rays. Here is the playlist that will help you through summer.

Heads up, some songs are explicit.

I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) - Jamie XX

A poppy blend of hip-hop, soul, and electronic. (Good Times) is definitely going to ensure good times at your next barbecue.

A Real Hero - College & Electric Youth

With a vibe matching that of a 1980s drive along the beach, real hero is sure to deliver a great experience for driving let at night or relaxing on the roof.

Rain In LA - William Bolton

Sang and produced by William Bolton, "Rain In LA" is a seamless blend of old school hip-hop, R&B, and soul. Great if paired with a Sunday drive with the windows all the way down.

All The Time - Bahamas

Personally one of my favorites, all the time is a smooth, slow guitar jam. This song will be great if you are just hanging out in the sun or stargazing.

West Coast - The Neighbourhood

An oldie but goodie from the NBHD, "West Coast" is yet another song that blends the genres of hip-hop and alternative rock seamlessly.

Brainwash - Cillie Barnes

Featuring steady drum loops and a driving piano, "Brainwash" is yet another jam to have blasting with your windows down.

Show Me Love (Skrillex Remix) - Hundred Waters

Definitely a party hit, cranking "Show Me Love" will make the ground shake and the drinks spill.

Genghis Khan (Louis The Child Remix) - Miike Snow

A great remix from Chicago-based duo Louis The Child, "Genghis Khan" features a drop that is perfect for cool evenings with friends.

7 Acoustic Covers - Twenty One Pilots

If you know me, you saw this coming.

Learning For Your Love - Marcus Marr & Chet Faker

Finally, Chet Faker delivers another great song that brings funk, rock, pop, techno, and all other good things together. "Learning For Your Love" is perfect for any situation.