Summer is here and whether your cruising to the beach, going to that summer job of yours, or just handing out with your friends, here are some songs that NEED to be on your Spotify playlist this summer! Remember, bops only!!

1. "Summertime" by Kenny Chesney

In the words of Kenny Chesney, "Summertime is finally here".

2. "Nobody" (feat. Gold Link) by LEISURE

This one is a slow bop perfect for those ~leisurely~ summer days (or nights).

3. "80s Mercedes" by Maren Morris

I suggest listening to this while you cruise around with your pals.

4. "Give Yourself A Try" by The 1975

I want yOU to ~give this song a try~ this summer.

5. "Body Like A Back Road" by Sam Hunt

This one is just a bop winter, spring, summer or fall, tbh.

6. "Let Me" by ZAYN

1D will NEVER DIE.

7. "The Middle" by Zedd and Maren Morris

I'm looking at you, Maddie.

I hope some of these make it on your playlist this summer!