Summer Life, As Told By A College Student

By now, you already know that summer as a college student is unlike any other summer. Nothing is the same as it was back in high school let alone your whole childhood.

Here are the Top 5 thoughts that you think about through every summer of college.

1. Excitement to go home

That little butterfly of excitement knowing you get to be back home and pampered as well as catch up with old friends.

2. Withdrawal from your college pals

Yeah it was great to see all your old friends, but you would so much rather have both your college and childhood friends at once.

3. Nostalgia

You're not quite dying to go back yet, but you keep looking back on old pictures and reminiscing.

4. Urge to get away

It's been fun, but you're craving a good old fashioned road trip to visit some of your closest friends.

5. Actual DEATH

Pretty please hurry your butt up August, I miss everything about school and life during the school year.

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