I have heard it time and time again. Nobody is going to want more than you want for yourself. I have wanted since I could get a job to have a steady income. What I mean by "steady income" is money to put in a savings account while keeping a little to spend.

For a while, I had only a summer job that didn't feel like a job. But that's what I loved about it. Then I moved to working during the summer and the school year. Playing a sport, going to school, and a keeping a job was hard to balance, but it also taught me to be disciplined. I could go out with my friends and have money for once rather than having to ask my dad for some pocket cash.

My point is that I never found it difficult to have money as long as I had a job. The problem with outflowing money is that there should be more incoming than outgoing to ensure that your savings account is still growing. I can't hear people complain about not having money when there are plenty of jobs. If you can't find one your probably not looking in the right places.

People forget that not EVERY job is going to be your dream job; you may not even like it. But honestly, that is the real world and the steps you have to take to find your future job are long. But they can also build a very satisfying life and career. It takes discipline and hard work to realize that not everything is glamorous and your honestly just going to have to get your hands dirty.

You can find a job at Dairy Queen, a local restaurant, grocery store, gas station, CVS, or mow your neighbor's lawn. Get up in the morning and know that you are doing something that will motivate and benefit you. Getting involved in the community around you can help you network and find new friends. You can even get a job that will benefit whatever you're looking to do in the future.

I wish some people I know would work less so I could see them more. At the same time, I commend them for working so hard and being diligent. I couldn't imagine working more than a forty hour work week, but it will happen and I will welcome the opportunity with open arms.

If it isn't obvious I am trying to convince you to get a job and earn some money so you can do many fun things that cost money.

Money isn't everything is what everyone says, but money IS something. It is the something we need to survive in this modern day world whether it's a little or a lot of it. Make a lot and save only a little because it's honestly important to keep your self within the market of jobs. Make a little and make a lot of damn good memories. I learned early on to start saving for those rainy days and I hope reading this changes your mind too.