Summer Realities Vs. Expectations We Definitely Didn't Meet

Summer Realities Vs. Expectations We Definitely Didn't Meet

Because sometimes all the things you say you'll do this summer, don't actually happen.

Summer -- the perfect time to finally do all of those things you keep pushing off or can't do because you are “too busy." When I say finally do them, I actually mean that you’ll say you are going to do them but end up still pushing them to the side. This includes working out, saving money, tanning or any other projects or hobbies you said you would do this summer. Here is a list of things I am guilty of saying I would do this summer and ended up not doing at all:

1. Expectation: I’m going to get in shape this summer.

Reality: Never sets foot in a gym once and eats McDonald’s every night at 2 a.m.

2. Expectation: I’m going to work a lot and save up my money.

Reality: Ends up working a ton but never saving a cent and spending all of my money the day after payday because I have no self-control.

3. Expectation: I’m going to go to the pool every single day and get super tan.

Reality: Visited the pool once, sat there for 10 minutes and then left because I couldn’t withstand the Oklahoma heat.

4. Expectation: I’m going to sleep in until noon every single day.

Reality: Work. Need I say more?

5. Expectation: I’m going to hang out with my friends a ton and make lots of memories.

Reality: We all had jobs and trying to plan anything was impossible.

6. Expectation: Taking a 9:30 a.m. summer class won't be THAT bad.

Reality: I hate my life and would never wish a summer class on my worst enemy.

7. Expectation: I'm going to go on a bunch of epic adventures this summer.

Reality: The only "epic adventure" I could actually afford was driving myself to my local park.

Whatever you spent your summer doing, I hope it was enjoyable, and maybe you completed something off of your “summer bucket list" -- unlike me. Oh well, better luck next year, right?

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