9 Summer Treats To Sweeten Up The Summer

I am a big believer in the idea that the best things in life are sweet, and summer is surely one of those things. A break from school, warmer weather, and longer days make life just a little more fun. Sometimes we want a sweet treat on a hot summer day or a summery dessert to finish off a late summer night. While winter holidays tend to monopolize desserts, there is no reason we can't enjoy a treat in the summertime.

1. Popsicle 

Perfect for after swimming or on days where ice cream seems 'too heavy'. My favorite tends to be coconut or mango- a flavor that screams summer.

2. Fro-yo 

Frozen yogurt is one of my favorite summer friend dates. It's perfect, especially when you can pick from a wide variety of fruit toppings to add and enjoy an afternoon with a friend.

3. S'mores 

S'mores are the PERFECT end to a long summer night. Roasting a s'more over a bonfire with friends, iconic.

4. Local Ice Cream Parlors 

Wayyyyy better than store bought. Take a nice walk on a summer evening and enjoy some hometown ice cream with your friends and family.

5. Fruit And Cool Whip 

For the nights you tell yourself that you'll be 'healthier'.

6. Banana Split

It's a fun classic and it has a banana in it, so hey that counts right?!

7. Milkshake 

Extra points if you dip french fries in the milkshake.

8. Cheesecake 

It's like cake but it's cold and summery (and yummy!)

9. Chocolate-Covered Fruit 

Pop some chocolate covered blueberries or bananas in the fridge and I promise you will thank yourself later.

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