It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! No more papers, assignments, or exams (unless you’re taking summer classes, then God bless). I’m ready to sit back and finally enjoy some rest and relaxation after the stress of finals. However, summer vacation is a little different than how it was in high school.

1. The feeling of walking out of your last final.

And let summer begin!

2. Realizing you have to pack up your entire dorm.

You also realize how much stuff you brought to college and wonder how it is going to fit in the car.

3. When you finally hit the road heading back home.

Here's to no more roommates and getting to sleep in your own bed.

4. The moment you reunite with your friends from back home.

5. Or even better, seeing your dog for the first time in months.

6. Having your mom's cooking again rather than the dining hall.

You know you've eaten the same burger and fries for the past couple of months.

7. Seeing all the people you no longer talk to/lowkey hate.

"Oh my god, I've missed you so much! We need to hang out before we go back to college." Awkward.

8. Finally not having to stress over exams, projects, papers, and assignments.

9. And then the boredom hits.

There's a reason you left your town, and now, you've realized that. Back at college, there is something to always do and people to hang out. It just sucks.

10. You begin to miss your friends from college.

Listen, they are the coolest people you've met in your entire life. The only problem is that they live so far away and you have to wait 3.5 months until you can see them again. Cue the tears.

11. You actually start to countdown the days and look forward going back to campus.

This is what it means to growing up.