Summer Classes As Told By Ross Geller

Odds are, when summer first rolled around, you couldn’t have been more excited to leave school behind for a few months. Sure, not seeing your friends or your beautiful campus for months might kill you, but at least you wouldn’t have to deal with the pressure of maintaining that perfect GPA.

Unless you’re like me, and you signed up for ... summer classes.

What was I thinking? It was something along the lines of, “Oh, it’ll be easy! I’ll motivate myself somehow.” Wrong. I can’t help but wonder if it was the right choice to make.

Ross Geller, the iconic character from "Friends," has had his fair share of trouble as well. I have a feeling he would perfectly understand how much I hate summer classes … unless, of course, he was taking Paleontology 101.

Here is my experience thus far with summer classes, eloquently described by the one and only Ross himself.

1. Summer has only just begun. The sun is shining, the pools are open, and you’re having a genuinely good time.

2. But then … you remember. Summer classes start soon.

3. Before you know it, you get an email from your professor with the course syllabus.

4. And the syllabus says the midterm is in … one week?!

5. Time to get started. You don’t want to fail the class, right? Right?

6. But, you also wish you could just block it all out.

7. You soon realize you’re going crazy.

8. You’re terrified whenever you get a notification for a new grade.

9. You get sad/angry/confused when your professor doesn’t give you an "A."

10. But you play it cool.

11. Still, after all the work you've done so far, you’ve become pretty irritable.

12. Overall, you're just really emotional.

13. Things are not as easy as you’d hoped.

14. You start speaking gibberish--your brain is that fried.

15. And everyone is just like ... what?

15. You’ve been trapped in the house for weeks. You desperately call out for help.

16. You’re mad. This was supposed to be a break!

17. You begin to question your very existence.

18. But, eventually (and after many tears) … it’s over. You made it.

19. And you crushed it.

20. Now, go celebrate with all your friends!

And remember, never sign up for summer classes again!

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