Recently I changed my major from Psychology to Communication, Sciences, and Disorders. Now, this is entirely my fault since I changed my major so late in the game of college. But here is the thing to get caught up in my new major, I have to take classes online this summer so that I am able to still graduate on time. I mean no disrespect whatsoever, but I just want to have some free time as well as get caught up.

There is no problem with me having to take them to get caught up, but I think we can all agree that summer classes the complete WORST and here's why.

1. There is SO much work.

Yes, I understand that is a 16-week course load that is being put into only 8-weeks, but I mean come on why must you give me 4-8 hours of work to do every day? This is my summer just as much as it is yours too. I do not believe that you want to be grading so much work as much as I do not want to be doing it all. I also almost managed to not do one of my assignments for one class because I did not realize that it was due that night and I had quite a few other assignments from the other class.

2. I want some free time too.

I have a job that has some random hours every other day. So that paired with taking two classes online is a little too much when it is supposed to be a nice relaxing summer. This is my time to spend with friends who I haven't seen in a while, catch up on Netflix series or just sleep. Oh, my goodness, how I have missed sleep.

3. Every professor is very different.

I have two online classes currently, about to have another once this "semester" ends. The thing is I have one professor who is doing all of the work in units and makes them due every week, which is super helpful with a busy schedule. While my other professor has an assignment due every single night. Again, I get it. Everything has to be done faster since it is a short amount of time.

4. I have begun to question my sanity.

I do not mean to sound completely whiny since I did choose to take these classes. I cannot blame anyone else but myself, yet I cannot help but still question if I chose the right time to take these classes. As I said prior, I have a pretty unreliable calender when it comes to my job, so that kind of conflic ts with my classes. I also really only need two out of the three classes and decided to get one of the classes out of the way now rather than in the fall. So there is no one else I can blame but myself.

All in all, I have realized that I am the worst kind of person. I get that I chose to do this, but I mean come on! I am doing this because I want to get caught up, but sometimes I think I should have thought this over and realized that it was going to be more work than I thought.

I do not mean to sound annoying at all, but I just want some free time and to not be stuck on my computer 24/7. It's just why can they not both be like the one, where it is a broken down into units and nothing is due every day. Granted I guess that would give me more time to procrastinate and make matters worse. Yet, I cannot help but wonder what I would be doing had I not taken these classes and filled up my time. Either way, I am still better off having taken these classes now.