School is almost over and summer is about to begin (FINALLY!). Your well deserved break is finally here! But you just spent all of your time studying and you barely even had time to think about what you're doing this summer. If you're in a rut, here's a list of fun things you should do this summer!

1. Road trip/Vacation

2. Drive-in movie

3. Go to the beach/lake.

4. Musical festival/outdoor concert

5. Spend a day at the pool.

6. Have an outdoor picnic.

7. Bonfire with friends (and s'mores!)

8. Read a book.

9. Go somewhere new.

10. Do something you've never done before (skydiving, bungee jumping, parasailing, etc).

11. Go to a carnival/state fair.

12. Go to an amusement park.

13. Learn to cook.

14. Volunteer somewhere new.

15. Have a game night with friends.

16. Go mini golfing.

17. Have a barbecue with friends.

18. Watch the sunrise.

19. Watch the sunset.

20. Star gaze.

21. Eat lots of ice cream.

22. Try out new restaurants.

23. Go camping.

24. Go to the zoo.

25. Ride a bike.

26. Photo shoot with friends

27. Go to a farm.

28. Fly kites.

29. Go to a farmers market.

30. Go on a hike.

31. Go horseback riding.

32. Catch fireflies.

33. Light fireworks.

34. Sporting events (watch or play)

35. Paddle a canoe.

36. Stay up all night with friends.

37. Spend the afternoon coloring.

38. Learn about another culture.

39. Do arts and crafts.

40. Be a tourists in your own town.

41. Movie marathon in your pajamas.

42. Go tubing.

43. Do yoga.

44. Have a water balloon fight.

45. Make a blanket fort.

46. Go night swimming.

47. Have a spa day.

48. Eat breakfast for dinner.

49. Go to a floating lantern festival.

50. Do a small act of kindness everyday.