After the initial excitement of returning home for the summer washes away, many college students are left with a single feeling...boredom. Yes, boredom. While it is true that we are not sitting around on a hot day at the beginning of June wishing for an essay to write, or a math problem to solve, a little bit of excitement would be extremely welcome.

We become accustomed to a schedule so busy it sometimes seems impossible to even find time to sleep. We wake up, go to class, eat lunch, go to the gym, run errands (because sadly Mom isn't there to do that anymore), eat dinner, do homework, repeat. Throw in the fact that there is night-life (and often day-time events) available whenever one pleases and the result is a very exciting and busy environment; a stark contrast to the less than intriguing summer of couch-sitting and aimlessly-driving around your hometown.

However, while at times it does seem difficult to appreciate this time with nothing possible that can be done to fill it, there are advantages that it would be a shame to not take note of.

It is very possible that this is one of the last times--in our whole lives--that we truly will have no responsibilities. Before we know it our lives will be flooded with internships, and jobs, and family commitments, and taxes, and real world responsibilities that it will fall solely on us to deal with. While this seems like a faraway world now, it will become reality sooner than we believe. And in those days when we are up to our neck in job applications and work we will be nostalgic for the days when the most pressing question in our lives was what new show to start on Netflix.

Summer offers a chance to cleanse your body of all the damage that a year at college is sure to inflict. At home you are surrounded by home-cooked meals, fresh fruit and vegetables, easy access to exercise, and much less alcohol. Thus, you can finally rid yourself that cold that somehow managed to linger the ENTIRE year, indulge in food that does not come from a dining hall, and go a few months without waking up Sunday morning regretting eating 2 whole calzones at midnight the night before.

Quality time with your family becomes precious when you no longer live with them. Your parents and your sibling miss you more than they can put into words--and if you are anything like me, you miss them right back. Take advantage of all the time you have with them this summer. Watch your brother play baseball. Take your sister to the mall. Go out to eat with your parents. Little things go a long way, especially when seeing your family everyday suddenly is not your normal.

So, yes, you miss your friends, and you miss independence, and you miss parties, and you miss everything so much that you ALMOST miss doing your own laundry--but these months of summer will fly by before we realize. And in a few years--when summer no longer means no school, but simply means we need to buy summer clothing to wear to work--we will wish we appreciated these long and lazy days of nothing when we had the chance.