To My Summer Bod,

I know April was rough with final exams and long stressful nights, I just couldn't find the time to fit in those gym workouts or cook some steamed veggies--but summer bod, could you really blame me?

But really though, it's May now--summer bod, can't you show your face?

With classes done and lots of free time, my gym appearances are much more frequent and my steamed veggies are always on my plate, but summer bod, you're nowhere in sight.

From running to benching to squatting lots of weight, come on summer bod, please just show your face.

My plates consist of lean proteins to complex carbs to healthy fats with lots of fruits and veggies in between, summer bod, I'm begging you.

Come on summer bod, I'm getting desperate here--I've even added jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and burpees...I mean BURPEES!

Okay, I get it, you're scared, it's totally fine, just come out, I promise everyone will love you.

I look in the mirror, and you're just not there.

I mean, it's almost June, summer bod, I need you now.

Please, for me?

I promise I won't treat you like that ever again.

I will love you forever.

I get it, you're not coming out, it's okay.

I will just keep working and prove you wrong--just you wait.


Your Dearest Self