I know, you're ecstatic to move away and start college. You just want to get this summer over with! Slow your roll. Move in day will be here before you know it and you'll start to wish you had lived in the moment a little better. Take time to end this chapter in a fun, positive way.

1. Apologize and make up with everyone you've been on bad terms with.

You don't want to return home and have to STILL avoid people in the mall. You might think you'll never have to see any of these people again, but you'd be surprised. You'll most likely run into a lot of people from your high school, so suck it up, say you're sorry and wish them luck in whatever it is they're doing after graduation.

2. Spend the night with your grandparents.

Sleepover at their house for one night before you go off to college. Do something you did when you were a kid--bake cookies together, look through a scrapbook, spend time with them. They'll love every second of it and you'll miss them when you're gone.

3. Research your school, your professors, and your roommate.

Let's start with your school. You want to know basic things like what your meal plan is, when everything is due, if you can bring your car, and if they offer majors you can see yourself in. Find things like this out so there are no surprises the first week. Next, ratemyprofessor.com. Find out what you're getting yourself into and maybe if you can buy your textbooks early! Lastly, get in touch with your roommate! Know who's getting the fridge, the TV, the microwave, etc. There's no sense buying two of everything, so... communicate!

4. Write a letter to your future self.

Dear college graduate self,

You made it!

5. Organize your life.

Get your social security card, debit card, birth certificate, insurance card, license, etc. with YOU, not your mom. It'll be a pain trying to get these forms later.

6. Find the best dessert place in your new town.

Try to find a really fun ice cream shop or cafe in your new home. When you and your new friends are looking around like lost puppies trying to find something to do, you'll be the girl with the plan.

7. Build credit.

Credit? What's that? Oh, that's just a thing you need to keep in good standing if you want to buy anything of significance in your adult life. It's really not hard at all! Make sure you know how to properly use a credit card to build credit and then start buying all of your cute new room decor with it.

8. Thank your favorite high school teachers.

Thank the math teacher who taught who how to tolerate algebra. Thank the counselor that listened to you. Thank the English teacher that gave you a voice. For one, high school teachers are highly underappreciated and deserve all the credit they can get. .Secondly, you never know when you'll need a letter of recommendation.

9. Force yourself down memory lane.

Watch old home videos, talk with a family member you haven't spoken to in a while, go through your memory box. Reminisce of your childhood before it becomes a thing of the past.

10. Have an amazing summer with your friends

You may not see these friends again until November, so have the time of your life. Enjoy having no obligations and have a blast! Good luck in your first semester at college.