Here is what an ideal summer 2018 looks like in my eyes.

1. Soak up some rays

Sunshine is proven to boost mood.

2. Spend time with grandma

Family will always be family. Don't take time with them for granted.


Summer is the time to make money because ya know, school doesn't allow me to have 3+ jobs.


Books are one of my favorite things in this world, and summer allows the time to sit down in the evening and just simply read.

5. Do fun kid stuff with fun kids

All of my little pals give me the excuse to do the things that I miss from childhood.

Go outside

Simply sitting outside can be peaceful. Watch the sun rise. Watch the sun set.

Be active

Make up for those times in the winter that it was just "too cold" to do anything.

Make new friend

Making new friends is just as fun as making old friends.

Concerts !

Country concerts have my heart. Enough said.

Spend time near water (yes, can include bubble bath)

Whether that be the lake or the ocean, spending time near and in water is its own kind of therapy.

Summer school if you feel the need

Take some summer classes to boost your GPA or to replace a grade you are not happy with. Summer is sure the time to do it.

Drive (as Ben Rector would say)

Music cruising is possibly in my top 5.

Step out of your comfort zone

Why not?

Make lists (that's what this is, right?)

Make a list and check things off. List of daily tasks. You will feel accomplished. List of summer bucket list items. You will have more fun than not.


Go somewhere. Just one place. At least one. Leave. You deserve it.

Pamper yourself

You are making money. You have the means to spoil yourself here and there. Get a pedicure. Get a manicure. Get a massage. Do it.


He didn't go anywhere. Don't forget to spend some time with Him each day.

Learn a new hobby

I've decided I'm going to pick up piano again. Find something enjoyable and unique.


Summer cooking is so pretty. Colorful and fun. Healthy and fit.

Take advantage of the farmer's markets

Summer markets are the best. So cute. So fun.