Songs of The Summer

10 Great Summertime Songs

If you're looking for an excuse to get in the car and drive, here's your chance


The summer and music are almost synonymous. Whether you're by the pool, at the beach, at a barbecue, driving, or sitting around the campfire, good music is sure to be there too. Who isn't looking for a new couple of songs to add to their playlist?

1. "Tequila" Dan & Shay

2. "Rich & Sad" Post Malone

3. "Sleep Without You" Brett Young

4. "The Middle" Zedd, Maren Morris, & Grey

5. "Japan" Famous Dex

6. "Body" Loud Luxury, Brando

7. "Alone" Halsey, Big Sean, Stefflon Don

8. "A Good Night" John Legend

9. "Simple" Florida Georgia Line

10. "Woman, Amen" Dierks Bentley

There's definitely something for everyone in this list from pop to rap to country, so give it a look and a listen!

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To The Soon-To-Be College Freshman Who Think They'll Keep Their High School Friends, Know This

You will maybe talk to 10 people back from your high school while your in college.


I know what you are thinking "Of course I am going to still talk to all my high school friends once we graduate." "You just didn't keep up with your friends." "I am going to talk to them every day."

Of course, you may be the lucky ones that go on to the same college and university, but if you follow your best friend to college then have you ever thought to yourself. "Did I choose my school based on if my friend(s) would go to college together." Obviously, it could be coincidental that you end up in the same place, but my argument is more on the idea of having friends that go to the same college on your list of important things once you move away.

Now if you are still reading and still in denial with what I am saying then continue.

Since moving away from home I have broadened my horizons and met more people then I could ever have imagined. I have met people that if I have not kept an open mind to them I would not be friends with them now. You will most likely choose the same type of friends that you had in high school if you do not keep an open mind when finding friends in college.

You also do not want to be that person who refuses to make other friends besides their high school friends. I hate to break it to you, but your high school friends will find other friends beside you when they leave for college/university. This time in your life is supposed to be "a new chapter" if you do not branch out of your comfort zone then you will be stuck in a little bubble for the rest of your life.

Not only will your friends in your high school class be making friends, but you need to make friends that are in the same stage of life that you are also in. Still talking to high school aged friends will limit you from conversations due to distance, lack of relevance, and just not going through the same stuff as you.

Sounds daunting? I know.

I am not saying that you can not be friends still with your high school friends. From time to time I catch up with mine to see how the school is going for them, and how they are doing, but I am building and forming relationships with my friends at college because you have had to start up from ground zero, and will be forming a foundation until we graduate.

Even when you have broken it is nice to hang out with your high school friends and talk about the good old days. My point to you is to keep an open mind and to not get upset when high school friends have moved on and found their new friends from school just like you.

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10 Easy, Fun, And Happy Spring Activities

as the weather gets warmer and the sunlight lasts longer...


Spring makes everyone's mood a little brighter as we crawl out of the darkness of winter and into the light (literally). The days are longer and the weather warms up which means being able to get outside to do more fun things!

1. Go for a walk/run

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

2. Go for a hike

Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash

3. Go to a dog park

Photo by Martin Castro on Unsplash

4. Go for a drive with the windows down

Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

5. Lay in the sun

Photo by Laura Pratt on Unsplash

6. Listen to happy, summer music

Photo by Minhaj Mohammed on Unsplash

7. Go get an ice cream

Photo by Mark Cruz on Unsplash

8. Buy colorful spring flowers

Photo by Violeta Avram on Unsplash

9. Throw a ball around with friends

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash


Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

Literally anyone can do these so what are you waiting for??

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