10 Great Summertime Songs

10 Great Summertime Songs

If you're looking for an excuse to get in the car and drive, here's your chance


The summer and music are almost synonymous. Whether you're by the pool, at the beach, at a barbecue, driving, or sitting around the campfire, good music is sure to be there too. Who isn't looking for a new couple of songs to add to their playlist?

1. "Tequila" Dan & Shay

2. "Rich & Sad" Post Malone

3. "Sleep Without You" Brett Young

4. "The Middle" Zedd, Maren Morris, & Grey

5. "Japan" Famous Dex

6. "Body" Loud Luxury, Brando

7. "Alone" Halsey, Big Sean, Stefflon Don

8. "A Good Night" John Legend

9. "Simple" Florida Georgia Line


10. "Woman, Amen" Dierks Bentley

There's definitely something for everyone in this list from pop to rap to country, so give it a look and a listen!

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If Your Fall Hookup Is More Trick Than Treat, You Need To Dump Him

Don't be afraid to say "Boy, bye"


With cuffing season almost upon us, it may seem tempting to start finding a serious relationship, snuggling in closer to the casual fling you've been hooking up with, and doing everything in your power to make sure you don't go into the holiday season #SingleAsAPringle.

However, there are some situations in which it's way more worth it to not take that next step, or even to keep up the path you're on with the person you're seeing. If you're not having fun the majority of the time, or if staying involved with this person is causing you more stress than it's worth, it's time to let him go.

Fall breakups can happen for a number of reasons. If he doesn't respect you and just sees you as a sex partner, unless it's mutual, of course, this isn't really someone you want to bring with you into the holidays. Think about it. Do you really want to buy a Christmas gift for someone who won't even buy you dinner? No, no you don't.

If your fall schedule is getting jam-packed with back-to-school and every other commitment and you won't have time for romance, especially if he doesn't understand that and keeps pressuring you to spend time with him anyway, it may be time to say goodbye. While summer is a great time for fun, low-stress flings, fall is the time you're going to either want someone who'll stand by you and understand the realities of day-to-day life or it may be better to just focus on yourself instead.

If your entire relationship exists in the basement of a frat party or in his crusty twin size bed, if he's always pressuring you to shave all your body hair or to perform some sexual act you're not comfortable with, if he won't introduce you to his friends or take you out on a real date, it's time to decide that you deserve better.

Wouldn't you rather snuggle up with a puppy or a genuinely nice guy as the seasons change? I know I would.

Carrying a relationship into the fall is about so much more than having someone to snuggle with when the weather gets cold. There's no room in the season for fuckboys and anyone else who makes your life a nightmare. Honestly, the only nightmare any of us should have to deal with is the fun one for Halloween. But if the guy you're with is a nightmare or more of a trick than a treat, don't be afraid to say "Boy, bye."

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10 Things All Coffee Lovers Know To Be True

Coffee Jokes Are Not Funny!


As a college student with a few morning classes, coffee isn't just a necessity: it's a lifestyle. It's part of my daily routine: wake up, get ready, get coffee, go to class. Whether I'm having a relaxed day with little to do or I'm packed with stuff to do every hour, you can bet I either have had coffee or I'm about to get another one. If you're also a coffee lover, here are 10 things you'll know to be true.

1) You prefer either Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts

Being a New England girl, Dunkin Donuts is the way to go around here.

2) The Workers at Your Favorite Coffeeshop Know Your Order by Heart

Medium iced caramel swirl with cream and no added sugar? Coming right up!

3) You Have Multiple Coffee Machines

I have a Keurig, a French Press, and a regular switch coffee maker.

4) Tea is Gross

I drink it occasionally, but only for the health benefits tbh.

5) The Amount of K Cups you Have is Disturbing

I think I have somewhere around 100 just in my dorm right now.

6) You Wonder how You're Able to Sleep so Well at Night

You think you would be unable to sleep with the amount of coffee you drink a day, but you actually sleep pretty well.

7) Coffee Jokes Are Not Funny

They're a reality for me, hunny.

8) Coffee has Barely any Effect on you

You might be a little more awake, but barely. You just like the taste at this point.

9) Pumpkin Spice Coffee is the First Fall Food Item you get

Pumpkin Spice iced coffee = Heaven.

10) There is Never a Time When I Don't Want Iced Coffee

I get my liking for coffee from my father: we both drink a lot of it throughout the day. I used to dislike iced coffee, but since starting college last year, I grew to like it. Now, if I don't brew it myself, it's guaranteed that I buy an iced coffee.

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