Graduation is only a few weeks away, and the search for the perfect graduation dress is on! While searching for the dress may prove difficult, this guide has so many colors and styles that it's nearly impossible to not find the dress you're looking for.

The dresses in this guide can also be worn for multiple occasions, so you won't be spending a pretty penny for nothing. Go forth, and graduate in style!

A classic red dress, $30

The little frill on this dress is so cute and classy! This dress would look perfect underneath a black cap and gown, and can be found here.

You can never go wrong with a white skater dress, $49

This versatile dress also comes in three other colors: Fuchsia, Royal Blue, and Black, so you can mix it up based on your cap and gown colors. Shop here.

A more modest number, $72

This dress comes in seven different colors, and you can wear it literally anywhere. Garden party? Check. Family gathering? Check. And of course, is the perfect choice for graduation. Get it here, while it's still on sale.

Maybe baby blue is right for you,  $58

This delightful blue dress has just enough detail to make you stand out at graduation, with its frill at the bottom and its lacy top. Paired with a white cap and gown, this dress is an instant win!

You can purchase this dress here.

A dainty floral piece, $65

This dress is perfect for springtime, and the floral detail will give your plain cap and gown a bit of a pop!

Find this dress here.

A touch of pink, $54

A classic feminine off shoulder dress that would look great under a white or black graduation cap and gown! Purchase this here.

You can always fall in love with lavender, $64

This color is oh-so-unique and will have you standing out amongst the white and black dressed folk! Get it here.

When in doubt, pick a midi dress! $58

For a more modest graduation, but a just as stylish one, this dress is the right choice! Get it here.

How can you KNOT choose this one? $44

Classy and modest, this dress has a knot accent that sets it apart from the others! Find it here.

Listen, you and this dress is just MINT to be, $59

A refreshing number, this dress will keep you looking the coolest of them all! Buy it here.

And last but not least, this gorgeous magenta dress, $34

The details and ruffles make this dress exude femininity and grace! Find it here.