10 Study Resources For Auburn University Students
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There are an incredible amount of resources available to Auburn students to help them succeed academically. It's just up to you to use these resources to your advantage!

Learning Communities

Learning Communities are a small group of students with a similar major. The university enrolls you in classes together that your major requires (around two to four courses), allowing you to instantly find a group of people to study with. You are also enrolled in a First Year Seminar, a one hour class discussing study tips and miscellaneous things related to your major.

I am enrolled in a Nursing Learning Community and it has helped tremendously already. We have a GroupMe discussing things we don't understand, asking questions about due dates, and sending each other notes. Our instructor has already reserved a room in the library for us to study in together before our Biology exam. I highly encourage you to join a learning community!

Office Hours 

Office hours are a way to speak one on one with your professor to clear up any confusion and get extra help outside of class. With lectures sometimes containing hundreds of people, it's a good idea to show your face to your professor and let him/her know you are invested in the class. It could make the difference between an A or a B!

Graduate Teaching Assistants & Supplemental Instructors 

Graduate teaching assistants and supplemental instructors work hand-in-hand with the professor and are there to help students with their study needs. It can be difficult for one professor to help so many students out of class, so the extra hands are needed. Most large lecture classes have either a GTA or an SI, so check your syllabus to attend the sessions or reach out to them with your questions!

Study Partners 

"Study partners" is a free peer tutoring program sponsored by academic support, a division under the Office of Undergraduate Studies. You can go to their website to schedule a study appointment.


Some of the COSAM departments offer free tutoring. You can also pay for one on one private tutoring by subject!

Miller Writing Center 

The Miller Writing Center provides a free service of helping students with a variety of different writings, such as essays, lab reports, resumes, and tons more. All you have to do is schedule an appointment through their website.



GroupMes are a quick and easy way to get help in your classes if you don't want to immediately go to the professor or SI for a question. Ask around in your classes to see if there is one already made or make one yourself! Cue "We're all in this together."

Academic Advisors 

So, maybe you're not doing so hot in your classes. Book an appointment with your academic advisor to talk about things you could be doing better, make a plan for achieving your goals, or maybe consider taking a lighter course load. Your academic advisor is there to help you!

Study Soup

If you struggle with taking notes, maybe consider purchasing them. Study Soup is an online resource where students can buy notes from professional notetakers.

Greek Life Opportunities 

I am not saying go join a sorority or fraternity as a means of improving your academics. With poor time management, your grades could easily slip. However, if you are involved in a sorority, there are many opportunities to help you succeed academically, such as proctored study hours, networking, tutoring, and test banks.

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