Georgia Southern University is a diverse place, even if it is in the middle of the south. There's no telling what you'll see on a daily basis, and honestly, I'm never surprised anymore.

1. The athlete

They'll miss class on game days, and they're actually pretty awesome. Pass them your notes for the days they miss - they're representing your school!

2. The frat/srat

Most fraternity and sorority students stick together. Their 'sisterhood' or 'brotherhood' is something they cherish tremendously. Greek life is huge here at Southern, and it's always worth a shot to see if it's for you.

3. The honor student

They probably have their school work done way ahead of time, mainly because they've got thesis papers due the same week.

4. The senior

They're either really tired or really afraid, and there's really no in-between.

5. The non-traditional

They're kind of amazing - it takes dedication to come back to school later in life.

6. The redneck

They're the ones making subdivisions into mud-bogs and shooting off tannerite in Burkhalter on the weekends.

7. The artsy one

They're just as creative as you wish you were, thankfully someone got those genes because I know I didn't.

8. The Instagrammer

And not just any Instagrammer, the 2-3 posts a day Instagrammer. Their photos have at least 7 pointless hashtags.

9. The weirdo

They're the ones you just aren't sure about. The ones wearing fedoras or carrying briefcases, or even singing at the top of their lungs while walking through campus.

10. The partier

They're the ones coming into class with their makeup and clothes from the night before still on, if they make it to class, that is.

11. The zombie

They live in the library, and they are always sleep deprived.

12. The over-achiever

Like the honor student, their work is done ahead of time - but not because they've got more to do... that's just who they are.

13. The "I-know-it-all-even-if-I'm-wrong" guy

This is the person that 99% of people absolutely can't stand... myself included. If you don't know one - you probably are one.

14. The transfer

This is the sophomore who can't give directions at all, or who asks for them constantly.

15. The skipper

You'll see them on the test days...that's about it.

16. The constant Snapchatters

Every single thing that happens, they're there and beyond ready to document it on their stories.

17. The ones who are just trying to make it through

This is the category that every college student fits into at some point. Just hang in there, guys, you can do it!