Dear Students:

Can you believe that you're finally done with finals? You survived it! Your summer internship is approaching! There are a few things I want you to know before you begin your new journey.

You are probably feeling nervous. Many questions are going through your head such as "What is going to be expected of me?" or "Will they like me?" maybe even "Will I like this?" Take a deep breath and relax. Think of this internship as a trial. You are just submerging yourself into a certain field, just to see if you want to do that post-graduation. You aren't signing your life away, and if you end up disliking this internship, you know not to go into that area.

People go to college and have to choose a major based on what they think they would like to do after graduation. Of course, you need to get a feel for the field in order to decide if it's for you. An internship is an opportunity to test out different career paths before having to get into one. You are very lucky to have gotten an internship!

Take initiative while you're at your internship. Don't just sit and wait to be directed. Be a leader. That will go well with the department you're in, and they will definitely want you post graduation, because you're a good fit.

Make sure you listen. You're going to be in a team environment, and you need to hear what your teammates say because they have been there way longer, and know what they're doing. Of course you should share your thoughts and input too.

Ask questions! Please don't be shy, this is a competitive world. Ask questions if you don't understand something or even if you do understand. That shows interest, and shows that you're putting an effort in.

Have fun! You got this internship for a reason, and don't forget to enjoy it. You'll have a ton of fun. It will be great being in your field. I wish you the best of luck with all of your future endeavors!


An Intern