College Kids, Don't Worry, We All Don't Know Where We Are Headed

College Kids, Don't Worry, We All Don't Know Where We Are Headed

It's okay to not know what your future holds.

In high school, you are taught that you need to go to college to become successful. Some teachers even took that a step further and said you need to go to a four-year university to become successful. Basically, we as high school students, are pushed to go to college while we are still unsure of what we want to pursue. Well, let me tell you something: THAT IS OKAY.

Let me say a hypothetical situation. A high school senior is applying to universities knowing that he/she is unsure of where he/she will be in the future. Most colleges let you go in as "undeclared" and get your general education credits out of the way until you decide what you want to major in. Other colleges recommend you choose a major, so you choose business, because what job can't you get with that?

Now a freshman in college, the student takes a few courses, thinks he/she knows what to major in so he/she goes for it. In my case, it was Forensic Science. As long as I could remember, Forensics was my thing. I grew up watching all the Forensic shows like "Dexter", "Bones", and "CSI" and I thought I figured out what I was going to do with my life.

Little did I know, I was so far from it. I went three years as a Forensics major and within those three years, I changed what I wanted my career to be FOUR times. It started off as a toxicologist, then it went to a blood spatter analyst. From there, it switched to "maybe I can enroll in the Police Academy and I can become a homicide detective", to finally deciding on being a pathologist.

In the middle of spring semester my junior year, I decided Forensics wasn't for me anymore. My grades were slipping, I couldn't concentrate on any of my classes, and ultimately...I got bored. I got bored of the one major I loved so passionately before I entered college. So, I switched my major to Behavioral Health Science and I have absolutely no idea where I am going to go from here.

It's okay that my future is now uncertain. It's okay that my entire college life and future career have dramatically changed. It's okay that your future is uncertain.

You don't need to have a plan right after you graduate from college. Just be proud that you did the four years and got that degree! There will be plenty of time for you to figure out what you are going to do. You can apply to graduate schools, you can take a gap year, or you can get a full-time job and be glad you received the one degree you worked for.

People like to make it seem like they have their whole lives planned. "Once I graduate with my Forensic Science degree with my fellow honors members, I am going to go to medical school to get the training I need to become a pathologist. Then I am going to work in a hospital morgue or with the local police crime lab."

That didn't work out so well for me, did it? Life happens, people change, circumstances change. We can't be so sure of anything about the future.

People think that in order for them to be successful, they have to do everything right after the other. Graduate high school, graduate college, graduate medical/graduate school, get your dream career, no break; all back-to-back. However, it doesn't always work that way with no breaks. Sometimes, you need to step back and think about what you want your future to hold and that is okay!

You don't need to feel bad or embarrassed about it because you thought your life was planned out. You don't need to feel rejected because you seem to be the only person that doesn't know what they want to be when they grow up.

Focus on the present. Focus on getting to where you need to be by making sure you do what is in front of you now. I promise, you will get there. You will get to that dream job. You will get to that medical/graduate school.

You may not know what your future holds now, but when the time comes, you will. Just know you're not alone.


A Student Who Also Doesn't Know What Will Happen After College

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To The Girl Who Isn't Graduating On Time, It Won't Feel Any Less Amazing When You Do

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To the girl who isn't graduating college "on time,"

I promise, you will get there eventually, and you will walk across that graduation stage with the biggest smile on your face.

You may have a different journey than the people you grew up with, and that is OKAY. You may have some twists and turns along the way, a few too many major changes, a life change, you may have taken most of a semester off to try to figure your life out, and you're doing the best you can.

Your family and your friends don't think less of you or your accomplishments, they are proud of your determination to get your degree.

They are proud of the woman you are becoming. They don't think of you as a failure or as someone any less awesome than you are. You're getting your degree, you're making moves towards your dreams and the life that you have always wanted, so please stop beating yourself up while you see people graduating college on time and getting a job or buying a car.

Your time will come, you just keep doing what you need to do in order to get on that graduation stage.

Your path is set out for you, and you will get there with time but also with patience. The place you're at right now is where you are supposed to be. You are going to thrive and you are going to be the best version of you when you graduate and start looking for a company that you will be proud to work for. Don't look on social media and feel less than, because at least you're still working towards your degree that you are finally passionate about. You will be prepared. You will be ready once the time comes and you cross the stage, move away, and start your journey in whatever field you're going into.

Don't question yourself, and be confident in your abilities.

With love,

A girl who isn't graduating on time

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The College Experience

A series telling the true experiences of modern day college students.


Everyone tells you to prepare for the best years of your life.

They tell you to prepare for all of the new challenges and new opportunities.

They say that you will meet your future people in college.

What they don't tell you is how much it will hurt.

Seeing old friends disappear because you are no longer home.

Watching your grades fall because the class is too difficult to pass.

Hearing and witnessing your family struggle and you aren't able to be with them.

Seeing all of the adventures that others are going on while you are stuck in your dorm room with the same stack of papers you have been trying to finish for three days now.

They don't tell you how difficult the transition will be.

They especially don't tell you how hard it is to live with someone.

The best of friends can live together and then grow to hate each other.

Complete strangers will move in and never speak.

You'll find friends that are simply just your "writing friend" or "band friend".

Many of the labels from high school can sometimes stick around.

If you're not out drinking or clubbing, then people think you don't have a life.

College is great, but don't think that it will be easy.

You have to make things easy in order for things to happen.

You can't just go around doing whatever and expect things to work out.

It takes time and it takes commitment to succeed in life, and in college.

The best way to deal with it all, find someone!

Find someone that you can get coffee with and watch sports with.

Find someone to eat dinner and lunch with.

Find someone to study religion and math before the next test.

Find someone!

Find your someone, a friend or someone special, to help you make it through everything that life throws at you.

If I had that someone I might have been better off my first year.


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