To The College Student Feeling Like They’re Being Anything But Productive, Here Are 8 Ways To Benefit From Being On Break

To The College Student Feeling Like They’re Being Anything But Productive, Here Are 8 Ways To Benefit From Being On Break

Step one: Embrace your free time.


This time of year can be a weird time for anyone who's in college. We're all in between semesters and finally free from the stress that characterizes our existence as college students. Most notably though, we're all handed a whole lot of free time, and that can be kind of overwhelming.

I mean, a couple of weeks ago, we were all probably sleep-deprived and stressed to the point of tears over our exams, and now there's not much that we need to be doing. But that's a good thing, and we should embrace this time by doing things that we didn't have as much time to focus on during the semester. So, here are eight ways to make the most of your break now that you finally have the time.

1. Read! For fun!

Okay, okay, I get it. I know that the last thing you might want to do after a long semester is to spend more time reading. But while you're on break, you have the time and freedom to read whatever you want without having to be tested on the material. So, read! Whether that be a book that's been sitting in your room for the past few months, the news, or even just a few Odyssey articles.

2. Hang out with as many people as you can

Now that you have time, visit as many people as you can. Go grab coffee with some friends or spend the day talking to your grandparents. I promise, one day you'll wish you had more time to do it.

3. Declutter

It's definitely not the most fun activity, but you'll feel so much better once it's done. Donate some old clothes or reorganize everything in your drawers. I bet it'll feel like a weight's been lifted off your shoulders.

4. Journal

Write about what interests you, what you learned, what you want to learn, or just what you did that day. It's such a good way to destress after a long semester.

5. Explore

Look, it doesn't have to be far. Trust me, I know what it's like to be a college student on a fixed budget. But check out some places in your hometown. Try out new restaurants or go hike on that trail you haven't quite gotten around to looking at.

6. Get started on that project you've been putting off

This one hits home. Spend some time working on whatever it is you want to accomplish but have been putting off because you've been too busy with schoolwork. Whether it's writing that novel, learning a new language, or even something as simple as learning to solve a Rubix cube, you finally have the time to get started on it.

7. Exercise

The hardest part is always starting. College can be stressful, and we tend to prioritize a lot more things over getting to the gym. But now that classes and exams are out of the way, embrace this time to finally motivate yourself to work out. It'll be healing for your mind and body.

8. Last but not least, don't beat yourself up about taking a break.

I know, it can be tough to go from being busy all the time to having an extended amount of free time, but it's okay! We all need to take a break sometimes, and besides, you've definitely earned it.

So although it may be a weird transition, there's a lot you can be doing over breaks from school to help make them a bit easier. But embrace this time, because before you know it, you'll be faced with the stress of classes again.

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