This point of life is that it's difficult.

We are thrown into the real world. Away from the comforts of high school and from everything we have grown to feel familiar. Many of us leave our homes and families behind. Many even leave the state we grew up in.

We are at that point where we may not know what we want to do with our lives yet. We just know we have to figure it out because adulthood has started. The responsibilities start to mount up. We see the real world for the first time...unfiltered.

thIt is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. We experience things and pressures we've never had before. And on top of that, we have this idea or mold of what we want our college experience to be.

Whether it is from movies or what others tell us, we think of college to be nonstop parties. And if we aren't constantly going to a party every weekend then we may feel like we aren't getting the full college experience.

Well, that is not the case. The college experience can literally be any moment you experience that is memorable to you.

Some college students share their most memorable experiences in college.

"I joined American Sign Language club as soon as I started college. There was at least 10 of us and everyone was studying to be an ASL interpreter but me. They took the time to teach me anytime I signed something wrong," Daily Londono said about her memorable experience in college.

"I remember going to St. Augustine with them for the first time," She continued, "We went to the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. It was amazing. We saw these kids that were not only deaf but also blind perform. The kids were completely independent. What I found amazing was this one girl. Her parents made her get a cochlear implant when she was younger and then a few years later she started in the school. She didn't know how to sign or anything and after being there for a few months, she learned to sign and she stopped wearing her cochlear."

Cristhian Perez says his most memorable moment in college was starting his own business.

During his sophomore year at the University of South Florida, he decided to start his own home inspection business called Home Check Inspections. He got his certification online and started doing home inspections during his free time. He said although finding the balance between school and maintaining his own business has been difficult, he has found his passion for entrepreneurship.

Natalie Venus says her most memorable moments happened while she was studying abroad in Spain.

"There was a lot of reflections, self-growth, development of a global perspective and the development of a more open mind. Spain was a wonderful opportunity to be immersed in the Spanish culture. I tried new foods, practiced the language, lived with a host family and this is where I first discovered my definite love for travel and cultural immersion," Venus said.

Rachel C. Baxter said her most memorable moment is seeing the "electric sky" at the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa. The electric sky is what fans call the sky lit up with lights.

Baxter says she felt so at peace while at the festival.

"It was a special place where all the stresses of the outside world went away. Everything pauses when you enter this alternate universe. I remember looking up at the sky and thinking how happy I was in that moment," she said.

Krista Lyons says she found her place in the journalism field at Hillsborough Community College and the University of Tampa.

"Joining Hawk Media and finding a home at both HCC and UT with the journalism people made it so memorable. At HCC, getting to travel to NYC, NOLA, and Sundance film festival with Hawk media were some of the best experiences I have ever gotten to have with the best people," Lyons said.

Listen, just because some people enjoy going to parties every weekend, that is not what you have to do. My most memorable moments have been meeting amazing people that have turned into my very best friends.

College has so much to offer you. To limit your experience to just partying would be a waste. Take chances and explore new things. Join clubs. Meet new people. Travel to foreign places. These next four years will be your time to experience the real world without any filters. While it can be scary at times, it is also such a fun experience. Do not worry if your college experience does not match someone elses. Your college experience is your own.