I haven't cut my hair above my shoulders since 4th grade. I love having long hair, but sometimes it isn't easy to deal with. Here are some of my biggest struggles in my love/hate relationship with my hair.

Brushing it.

Anyone with long hair knows that brushing it is not a simple task. No matter how much conditioner, leave in conditioner, detangling spray, etc. I use it never seems to be completely tangle free. Also don’t even talk to me about combs -- not an option unless I have at least a half an hour to comb through my hair.

Doing any athletic activity.

I used to despise pony-braids, but having long hair left me with no other option for athletic events. Pony braids are efficient, keeps the hair off my neck, and out of my face. Pony-braids became my go to hairstyle for any athletic activity. If I do wear it in a pony tail it ends up getting in my eyes or sticking to the back of my neck, face, and the worst -- my armpits.


Wind is the enemy. It blows my hair everywhere. I either have to leave it down and deal with the bizarre, tangled mess that it becomes or put it up in a ponytail or bun before it can become a mess.




Always wanting to cut it short.

Before every haircut I always am so tempted to just cut my hair short. It seems so much easier. However, my friends and mom always talk me out of it. I think if I did cut it short I would regret it within a few weeks. Someday, I’ll have the courage to do it… or maybe just a few inches.

Leaving the house without a hair tie is not an option.

My hair is almost always up.

I don’t even know why I have long hair because it is almost always up in a messy bun or ponytail -- especially during the summer.


I am used to having stray hairs picked off my clothing. It isn’t unusual for someone to pick a hair off themselves or something near them and say to me, “Well this has to be yours because of how long it is."

Drying my hair

I absolutely hate blow drying my hair. It takes so long. But if I wait for it to regularly dry it takes 2-3 hours at least.

Running my fingers through my hair.

I can never smoothly run my fingers through my hair because it gets caught on a tangle every time.

Hair appointments

I have to make sure I have hair appointments scheduled at least every three months to keep my split ends and roots in check. These appointments usually take 2-3 hours because I have to much hair to cut and color or highlight.

Actually styling my hair.

On the rare occasion that I actually style my hair, straightened or curled -- by the end of a night out my hair will look like a wild mess no matter how much hair spray I use.

Lip gloss isn't an option.

My hair will inevitably get stuck in lip gloss if I wear any.

Breaking hair ties.


My hair weighs so much, that I actually get headaches if I wear it up for too long or at the wrong spot on my head.

Wearing it naturally.

I have gotten comfortable (lazy) enough to just wear my hair down a lot of the time. It isn’t curly and it isn’t straight, just a wavy in between, which ends up making me look like I just rolled out of bed the majority of the time.

Although this article is about all of my complaints about having long-hair, deep down I love it (otherwise I wouldn’t have it). So here’s to all the girls who put up with long hair because deep down they know they could never cut it… at least not for a few more years that is.