The 6 All Too Real Struggles Of Your Siblings Being Your Best Friends
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The 6 All Too Real Struggles Of Your Siblings Being Your Best Friends

Sometimes I wish I was an only child, then I think who would I trick into doing my chores if I was an only child.

The 6 All Too Real Struggles Of Your Siblings Being Your Best Friends

Some may think growing up with siblings can be such a pain. Well, it is. It can also be the best thing in the world.

Personally, I think having siblings has its pros and cons, but more pros. There are days I want my siblings to disappear from the face of this Earth. Other days I go on to crack jokes all day long and would rather hang out with them then my own friends. It's a struggle and a blessing all in one.

The struggles start creeping up when you begin making your own friends, start moving away, going to college, or anything along the lines of having to not be around your siblings that is hard.

1. Inside jokes

You've known them all your life so you obviously have so many inside jokes. If you don't you're doing it wrong. Then with all the sarcasm, you have perfected not everyone will understand when you are being sarcastic. That tone is so well perfected people will think you are being serious.

2. Real talk

Your siblings don't sugar coat anything (well at least none of mine don't). So if you're messing up in life they'll let it be known and get your head on straight. Sometimes friends are too nice and don't want to hurt your feelings siblings though they tend to be a little more loving and hit you with that real talk before you go downhill.

3. Struggles

Talking about struggles, your siblings and you know first hand of the struggles you have gone through to get where you are today. When someone speaks to you about their own struggles you sometimes can't connect with them on a deeper level even though you wish you could.

4. Socializing

You forget how to socialize with new people. You have been around your siblings and then you go out to your first social event without them and you are unsure how to function. This gets you a bit anxious so you just begin to text them making you miss out on being social and meeting potential fun and new people!

5. The original girl squad

If you have sisters you know they were the original girl squad. Who else have you sat in bubble baths with, been stuck getting your hair pulled and braided, and forced to wear those itchy dresses with? Then those girls are the same that you've gone on weekend getaways with and talked about your dreams and life goals with.

6. The original boys

You grow and make new friends boys and girls. You start meeting boys and you realize that your brother is just cooler then all the little boys that want to be your friends. So you get stuck comparing each guy friend to you brother and realize that it's not fair to them who can be as cool as your brothers?

Maybe its just me and I have a very odd bond with my siblings (blame my parents), but personally, they will always be my original besties. They always got my back when worse comes to worse and they always stay real and call me out on my crap. That's the kind of best friend we all need in this world. I got lucky and have 5 of those type of best friends.

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